Take your crypto shaken, not stirred – BITCOIN VODKA coming to Russian shelves

A Russian entrepreneur has found a new way to capitalize on the crypto craze

(Investopedia) – Care for a bitcoin and tonic? How about an ethereum classic on the beach?

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts will soon be able to say Boodeem Zda-ro-vye to those drinks. According to reports, a Russian entrepreneur has filed a trademark claim for a vodka line to be named after three cryptocurrencies. The Russian government may blow hot and cold at the asset class, but Dmitry Troitsky, the entrepreneur behind the move, says cryptocurrency names are “top-notch” for vodka.

“Try to imagine the situation at the table, and you will understand that the Bitcoin vodka is rather a joke of comic quality,” Troitsky said. But he has not revealed much else. “I cannot say how it will look and when it will be released, but I’m sure that vodka can be useful,” he said.

Troitsky is evidently capitalizing on the cryptocurrency craze sweeping the world. But he was beaten to the punch, literally and figuratively, by South Florida Distillery. The distillery, which makes rum, used heat from its bitcoin mining operations in its distilling process and released EthereRum earlier this year. (See also: Russia May Ban Bitcoin Exchanges.)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has asked officials in his government to come up with regulations for cryptocurrencies by the middle of 2018. Officials from the finance ministry indicated that the country was likely to regulate mining and supply of bitcoin. According to reports, Putin is also planning to introduce a national cryptocurrency, known as Cryptoruble, soon. The currency will reportedly incur a state tax of 13% on transactions, such as buying and selling, and conversions to the Russian ruble.

Meanwhile, online publications have already begun cracking jokes about the new cryptocurrency-inspired vodka line. For example, Siliconangle referenced the recent Bitcoin split and asked: If Troitsky forks his vodka in the future, will we get a free bottle of new “Cryptovodka Gold” for every existing bottle of crypto-vodka we own?

Credit: Rakesh Sharma

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