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2020 Covert World War 3

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

2020 Covert World War 3                     25th March 2020

As the editor of, I have been analysing the Western Media & politics for twenty years. During this time, News Events have changed from factual, provable to downright lies.

During this time our government has changed from right vs left ideologies to Globalist vs Nationalist.

Also The Corporate State was ushered in by The David Cameron Government in 2015.

The United Nations, who have always been revered as the World’s independent arbiter, has also been taken over & all of its many cohorts corrupted.

The United Nations aligned with an old Nazi ideology that they should form a Global New World Order, a Global Government.

This ideology aligned The Corporations & The Bankers who ran the world economy with the United Nations world wide trade organisation.

Insidiously, the  Local Government Civil Servants in Western Countries were taken over by United Nations/EU  Sanctuary Cities.

The ideology propagated was covertly, Socialism but actually Fascist Tyranny.

They planned Agenda 21 to take over the west with Martial Law & force the population to accept The Globalist New World Order.

They asset stripped the west to make them weak & financially dependent on them.

They pretended they were destroying the western economies to equalise them Globally with the poor nations.

This was progressing well until The Western Royal Families who traditionally owned most of the western assets, found their countries & population being subverted into United Nations’ slavehood.

This situation became even more dangerous when the United Nations outed themselves as a Satanic organisation demanding the WW3 destruction of 90% of the World population to “save the planet.”

Also during the last 50 years The Corporations had evolved from a benign servant, though blatant fraud & corruption to demanding control of the Taxpayers Purse.

While corruption in the west has always been rife, now we were experiencing such fraud in the Western world economy that the commodities, currencies & resources had no fixed value.

Most Capitalist systems can survive 5 or 10% fraud, now it was hitting 50% & possibly 90%.

The west maintained its growth by “Liberalisation.” This was taking over other countries, their corporations, their resources, their properties & government.

If a government stood against them, they would manipulate a coupe & put in a puppet administration. A Deep State.

If this didn’t work, they would isolate & bankrupt the country.

If that didn’t work they would finance terrorists & label them “freedom fighters” to destroy the administration.

If that didn’t work, then they would create a fabrication to malign the Ruler & invade the country.

And then there was Russia.

Russia had already been taken over by the western bankers & had managed to kick them out & rebuild their economy.

They were not going to make that mistake again.

It was alleged that the first thing that Hillary Clinton would do when she won the US presidential election was to declare war on Russia & start WW3’

But  then Donald Trump won the US presidential Election & stopped #DeepState in its tracks.

Now we are faced with a battle for control of the planet between The Globalist Socialist Bankers with The  Corporations against The Nationalist countries.

This might seem like a very unbalanced fight but an Alliance has been formed & they have a consensus on future planning.

The planning involves cleaning up the Western corrupt administrations, The World Economy & the Bankers.

The Bankers are a dangerous elite who have had control of the world economy for over a thousand years.

Their progress through the centuries shows them destroying the opposition with; blackmail, war & fraud, paedophilia, murder, poisoning, genocide, & now Bio Warfare.

So when you look at the stupidity of the Coronavirus pandemic, please be aware that underneath this virus is the threat of targeted attacks, nuclear war, EMP attack, 5G Radiation weapons etc.

The Bankers will not give up their control without a fight.

But it is a war that we must win for the future & our children.

Max Wolfe


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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March 26, 2020

Thank you, excellent article, as always:)

April 5, 2020

The best news piece of concisely presented courageously neutral and razor sharp journalism. It’s RARE stuff to get these days, in today’s censorship choked and cunningly manipulated internet access.

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