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/ 15 / ISIS killed after new clashes in the Syrian Badia

On Sunday, clashes renewed between the Syrian army and “ISIS” militants in the Syrian Badia, coinciding with the participation of the Russian Air Force by targeting the militant sites in the rural triangle of Aleppo – Hama – Raqqa.

More than / 15 / ISIS terrorists were killed during the clashes that took place on several axes in the Syrian Badia, in addition to wounding more than 10 others.

The clashes coincided with an intense flight of Russian warplanes, which monitored gatherings of militants in several areas of the Aleppo-Hama-Raqqa triangle, targeting them with focused strikes, which resulted in a large number of deaths and injuries among them.

The battle in the Syrian Badia were renewed after “ISIS” cells had carried out several attacks on the villages and towns of the region, followed by infiltration attempts and direct attacks towards the Syrian army’s military points.

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