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10 ways you have become Russian – at least in spirit and habit

10 ways you have become Russian – at least in spirit and habit

  1. Without hesitation you openly (and sometimes with great enthusiasm) compliment a woman’s good looks (and she appreciates it).
  2. Coming to the conclusion western media coverage of Russia actually IS fake news – they don’t have a clue what they are talking about.
  3. There are people in Russia who are openly gay – but the vast majority of the public are uninterested why the average person should care one way or another.
  4. Thinking Putin is a leader the Russian people deserve when observing how uninspiring western leaders are.
  5. Small talk is a waste of time. But when Russians complain, they do it with gusto!
  6. Russian liberals are useless. If they have something say, they sound like a Hilary Clinton re-tread. It hurts the ears and offends the mind.
  7. Russians question authority all the time. They are often bewildered by western conformity.
  8. There is never a doubt which public restroom to use.
  9. Russians are the dominate ethnic group and the Russian language is the dominate language. If ethnic minorities accept this, then the dominate ethnic group and the dominate language will protect ethnic minorities and their right to speak their languages.
  10. Russians are intensely averse to war. They can’t comprehend the west’s intoxication with endless war around the world.
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