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War criminal ex-Georgian President freed from police custody by mob in Kiev after “suicide” stunt

The circus of Ukrainian politics has kicked things up a notch.

Yes, you did read that headline correctly. What would be an extraordinary event in most countries, is just another day in Kiev where for days, former Georgian President and criminal aggressor of the Ossetian/Abkhazia conflict, Mikheil Saakashvili has led marchers demanding the resignation of Kiev regime leader Petro Poroshenko.

While a “new Maidan” is well underway and with Mikheil Saakashvili becoming a somewhat unlikely leader of various mobs who seek to remove Poroshenko from power and install the former Georgian leader in his place, Kiev’s authorities stormed an apartment where Saakashvili had been living.

At that moment, Saakashvili fled to the roof and threatened to jump.

Eventually he was “talked down” and taken into police custody and questioned for what is being reported only as “criminal activities”.

However, moments later, he was broken free from the police van where he was being held, when the vehicle and its driver were overpowered by the pro-Saakashvili mob.

After breaking Saakashvil free, his ‘gang’ took him to a nearby church in which he made a speech calling for the overthrow of the regime.

During his speech, Saakashvil  stated,

“I will lay down my life for Ukraine’s freedom. I want to call on all the Kievans to take to the streets today, to gather in Maidan and start the process of deliverance of Petro Poroshenko and his gang from Ukraine”.

Maidan 2.0: The slow moving and more authentic Ukrainian uprising

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