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EU will give Assad money if he allows Al Qaeda jihadists to rule over parts of Syria

The EU is planning to offer Assad financial aid in exchange for allowing Al Qaeda to stay in power in some regions of Syria. 8,301
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BREAKING: Russia tells Aleppo Jihadis, ‘leave or die as terrorists’

Russia gives ultimatum to US and to Jihadis in Aleppo to withdraw immediately from the city or be attacked as terrorists. 10,514
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Did the US-led coalition give the EXACT coordinates of Russian Aleppo hospital to Al-Qaeda for a missile attack?

Blood on the hands of the US, UK, France and their sympathizers for the Aleppo Hospital attack. 6,265
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BREAKING: Al-Qaeda commanders negotiating surrender in Aleppo, Jihadi stronghold collapsing

As three more previously Al-Qaeda held districts in eastern Aleppo fall to the Syrian army authoritative reports circulate that Jihadi commanders in the city are negotiating with the Syrian military to surrender. 4,367
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BREAKING: Russia furious, U.S. refuses to withdraw Jihadis from Aleppo

Days after proposing withdrawal of all Jihadis in Aleppo, to Russian fury the US backtracks and withdraws its proposal, setting the stage for a fight in Aleppo to the finish. 3,653
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Russia, China defeat U.S. attempt to save Jihadis in Aleppo

By supporting a Resolution in the UN Security Council on Monday intended to preserve the Jihadi pocket in eastern Aleppo, the US showed that it did not mean seriously the proposals it made over the weekend to withdraw Jihadi fighters from Aleppo. 2,543
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The West’s silence about the bombing of Russia’s hospital in Aleppo is shameful

The silence of Western governments and of the Western media in response to the attack on the Russian hospital in Aleppo exposes the falsity of the West's campaign against the alleged Russian bombing of hospitals in eastern Aleppo. 1,836
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SYRIA UPDATE: Jihadi defeat in Aleppo just ‘days away’

Jihadi commanders in eastern Aleppo reportedly tell Saudi cleric collapse of Jihadi resistance may be just 2 days away, whilst Syrian army predicts final defeat of Jihadis "within weeks". 2,310
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Italy gets rid of Renzi. Globalist “rat pack” is out. New world order is in.

Merkel must be feeling very lonely right about now. 1,967
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MUST WATCH: Fox News Chris Wallace dismantles Jill Stein in this amazing Sunday interview [Video]

Green Party presidential nominee weighs in on 'Fox News Sunday' with Chris Wallace. 2,696
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BREAKING: Video emerges from Al-Qaeda’s deadly missile attack on Russian hospital in Aleppo

Al Qaeda militants shelled a mobile Russian hospital in Aleppo, killing a female paramedic and wounding two doctors. 1,813
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US State Department denies giving coordinates of Russian hospital to Al Qaeda

US State Department has denied being involved with supplying Russian hospital coordinates to Syrian opposition. 1,309
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Beppe Grillo is a dangerous lunatic

Italy has rejected neo-liberalism, but if they embrace Beppe Grillo's Five Star Movement, things will not get any better. 1,408
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Donald Trump vs. the media: 4 years of total war ahead

During the presidential campaign Trump was underestimated and labeled by a set of “isms” manufactured by an increasingly closed-minded academia and sold by Hollywood’s politically correct culture wars. 891
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Syrian Army on brink of victory in Aleppo, Jihadis surrendering

Reports from Aleppo confirm collapse of Jihadi resistance and mass surrender of Jihadi fighters to Syrian Arab Army. Surrendered Jihadi fighters being bused in green buses to an undisclosed destination. 2,469
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Only 3 troops clap for Obama during his last security speech as president [Video]

Obama is the only President in history to have been at war every year of his 8 year term. 1,736
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BREAKING: Exit polls point to Italy “NO”. Renzi defeated, “he must resign”

Exit polls suggest Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has lost a key referendum on constitutional reform. 1,213
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Red Cross refuses to condemn Aleppo hospital attack. Luckily, bus with Syrian children arrived late to hospital

By pure coincidence, an even greater tragedy was averted as buses delivering dozens of Syrian children and their mothers had arrived late to the hospital. 851
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Julian Assange issues statement, destroys Sweden’s rape case

After meeting with Swedish investigators Julian Assange issues a statement condemning the conduct of the case against him and trashing the allegations of rape of which he is accused. 1,561
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BREAKING: Italian Prime Minister Renzi resigns following massive poll defeat

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi announces resignation following landslide defeat in Italian constitutional referendum, creating a period of instability as Italy wrestles with a burgeoning banking crisis. 838
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Kremlin CONFIRMS: “Of course, it was precision fire” that destroyed Russian hospital in Aleppo

The militants who shelled [the Russian Defense Ministry mobile hospital in Aleppo] had the exact coordinates. 956
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Russia’s moral struggle in Syria: civilisation against Jihadist barbarism

The US under Barack Obama has failed to provide moral leadership and inspiration in the fight against terrorism. Russia by contrast is fighting to restore civilisation in the fight against Islamic terrorism. 615
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Why some forms of censorship are crucial to a healthy society

I believe in censorship as do most people. Here is an idea to make things more fair and sane. 573
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Liberated Aleppo and its global implications

The Battle of Aleppo is a Stalingrad moment in the war against Islamic terrorism. Syria and her allies have shown that wars against Islamic terrorism can be won, that NATO and the Saudis do not always get their way and that the world can be made safer when genuine partners cooperate against the forces of evil. 1,039
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Russia’s inflation falls to lowest since collapse of the Soviet Union

Inflation falls in line with government and Central Bank forecasts, with continued decline expected in 2017. 745
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BREAKING: Aleppo’s Old City now fully liberated by Syrian Army, remaining terrorists in retreat

As Jihadi rout in eastern Aleppo continues eyewitness and news agency reports confirm recapture of entirety of old city of Aleppo by Syrian Arab Army. 1,009

Italians voted against the establishment, what’s next?

As Italians ride the same anti-establishment wave that enabled the Brexit and Donald Trump's victory in the US, one question remains - what's next? 494
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After Italy NO vote, German Finance Minister Schäuble says NO debt relief for Greece

German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble ruled out debt relief for Greece ahead of a eurozone finance minister meeting. 739
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The Italian people have spoken! Who will listen?

The Italian NO vote in yesterday's constitutional referendum is the final of three political earthquakes to hit the west in 2016. How will the old elite respond to this further rejection of their failed status quo? 506
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Snowden blasts US “two-tiered system of justice”. General Petraeus “disclosed more highly classified” information

Edward Snowden criticized the U.S. justice system Sunday for how it treats “well-connected” individuals. 716
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Moscow: Russia’s capital and symbol

Russia's capital is both the founder city and the symbol of Russia. It has been also been the ideological capital of world Communism. Today it is free for the first time to be not just a symbol but the capital of modern Russia. 470
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Trump lays out his military doctrine, “We’ve spent $6 trillion in the Middle East, and our roads have potholes”

The US is going to stop promoting regime change in countries around the world. 688
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Architecture can help heal cultural and political divides

The modern architecture movement known as Brutalism has done a great deal to unite the world. In spite of its monumentality, some of its messages to history have been subtle. 268
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EU states are enforcing a “dancing tax”. €0.40 for every customer who dances in a bar

Low on cash...This is where government gets to rip us all off to survive. 577
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Social media companies begin collaboration to fight online “extremism”

YouTube and Facebook have started using hashes to automatically remove extremist content. 423
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The Duran LIVE Q&A Session (Episode 3)

Share on Facebook Twitter The Duran’s founders, Alex Christoforou, Vladimir Rodzianko, Peter Lavelle, and Alexander Mercouris, sit down to field … 395
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The unmasking of Theresa May: Britain’s Prime Minister without a Brexit plan

As Theresa May fails to produce a plan for Brexit the danger of a political and economic breakdown in Britain is increasing. 460
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As Jihadi resistance crumbles in Aleppo Western powers play diplomatic games

Western powers demand ceasefire in Aleppo to save Jihadis even as Jihadi resistance crumbles. 99
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Wikileaks and The Press Project exposes Erdogan’s connection to ISIS oil trade

Wikileaks emails connect Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to the ISIS oil trade. 587