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Russia SLAMS America and its allies for FAILING to condemn terrorist attack on Russian Embassy

This week, Russia’s embassy in Damascus came under attack from motor fire by the al-Qaeda group known as al-Nusra Front.

At a plenary session of the United Nations Security Council, Russia asked the body to condemn the savage terrorist attack, but the United States and its allies blocked this from happening, as though tacitly endorsing the attack on a peaceful diplomatic compound.

Russia’s Foreign Minister released a statement condemning the unwillingness of perminent Security Council members, America, France and Britain as well as non-perminent member Ukraine for failing to condemn the move.

The statement reads,

“Let the unwillingness to show diplomatic solidarity with us remain on the conscience of these delegations. The most outrageous thing is that the inability of the Security Council to condemn the acts of terrorists encourages them to carry out new provocations and terrorist attacks, makes them feel impunity. These barbarians should not have the conviction that someone in the Security Council is at one with them”.

The statement continued,

“Nevertheless, for the third time this month, diplomatic representatives from the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Ukraine, in turns, changing the tune of their objections … have vetoed the Russian proposition to adopt a standard short project of the Security Council’s press statement condemning the terrorist attacks on the Russian diplomatic mission in the Syrian capital”.

This move serves to further undermine Donald Trump’s stated agenda to cooperate with Russia against the threat of international Salafist terrorism. Donald Trump’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley has thus far proved to be un-supportive of the US President’s goal.

This move has further exposed the idea that there is united international opposition to terrorism as a total sham.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian social media is often filled with support for Salafist groups, including ISIS.

The following video shows Ukrainian fascists mocking the execution of a Russian pilot by ISIS in a disgusting display of savagery, complete with the loud playing of music from ISIS murder videos.

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