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Russia committed to avoiding war on Korean peninsula

Sergey Lavrov and his deputy have warned of the dire consequences of renewed war on the Korean peninsula.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is currently on a tour of the Persian Gulf meeting with foreign ministers and heads of state. During a press conference in Abu Dhabi, Lavrov stated that the UN Security Council is the only proper place to deal with escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula.

Lavrov told reporters,

“We are committed to all the resolutions of the UN Security Council, we insist that our North Korean neighbours adhere to them. We are guided by this idea in the Security Council discussions and we will be guided (by this idea) during the meeting, which is now proposed to be held”.

Lavrov is referring to the emergency UNSC meeting which has been requested by both South Korea and Japan.

Speaking in Astana, Lavrov’s deputy Sergey Ryabkov said the following,when asked about the possiblity of renewed war on the Korean peninsula

“An absolutely new reality would emerge, tragedies would be innumerable … I think we should fight against this option as hard as we can”.

Russia and China remain committed to a peace process which calls for military de-escalation from North Korea, South Korea, Japan and the Untied States–the so called double freeze. Russia and China also continue to call for direct talks  between Washington and Pyongyang as part of the wider peace process.

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