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Kiev’s solution to its imminent bankruptcy: Ban Russian media

The Ukrainian regime has just issued more sanctions on prominent Russian news and media agencies. The Presidential decree from Kiev prohibits the proscribed organisations from conducting financial transactions and investments in the Ukrainian state.

Some of the outlets covered by the ban include Zvezda, TVC, NTV Plus, RenTV, RBC and Rossiya Segodnya, the parent company of Sputnik news.

The decree also issues a ban on RT’s editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan from entering Ukraine.

In reality, because of the disorganised and corrupt nature of post-coup Ukrainian society, organisations like RT and Sputnik will still be able to report on stories from the country with ease.

Simultaneous to this, the Ukrainian regime has also banned the use of popular social media site VK. The ban comes because VK is owned and operated by a Russian company.

All this means in reality is that a few individuals who likely had no plans to visit Ukraine for any purpose, are now prohibited from doing something they likely had no plans to do.

Furthermore, any possible investment opportunities that could have come into Ukraine are now stopped. It’s not exactly something one wants to do when impoverished, but this is exactly what Kiev has done.

The total number of Russians on the new sanctions list includes 1,228 individuals and 468 legal entities, including both politicians and journalists.

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