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Russian Presidential hopeful releases 11 point plan for world peace

Russian Presidential hopeful releases 11 point plan for world peace

Next year, Russians will go to the polls to elect a President. While the biggest question people are asking is ‘Will Vladimir Putin run for another term’, State Duma (Russia’s parliament) opposition leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky (Liberal Democratic Party of Russia) who thus far is the only major figure to official declare his candidacy has released his 11 point plan to create a more peaceful and prosperous world in the 21st century.

Zhirinovsky said that the world must resolve to do the following:

1. It is necessary to produce a new global treaty on the world order.

2. No monarchies, only republics.

3. All states should be secular in character with no religious influence (on government)

4. All currently divided nations should unite including the Korean states and Russian regions outside the Russian Federation [Donbass for example]. In these processes, the rights of  women, children, disabled people and old people should be protected everywhere.

5. No discrimination against minorities whether national, religious, racial or sexual.

6. A prohibition on the use of violence in international relations in any form under any pretext.

7.No change of borders without the consent of both parties, with the exception of the process of the reunification of peoples.

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8. Federalism as a universal principle for all countries. Central power shall solve only seven issues: defence, foreign policy, finance, transport, communications, energy, and ecology.

9.The 21st century is the century of recovery from racism, colonialism, fascism, communism, religious radicalism, authoritarianism, monarchic regimes, dictatorships under one-party regimes, globalism. It’s time to recover!

10. The whole world should have a love of the family, love for children, respect for the elders, aversion to deception, fraud and manifestations of criminal intentions.

11. Humanity needs this world: multipolar, multi-layered, pluralistic, without blackmail, deceit, lethargy. All issues are to be resolved through referendums, without leaving home, through smartphones. No election commissions, no fraud!

What do you think of his proposals?

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