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Israel’s shadow interests: warned US about strike on Syria, did NOT warn Russia

Closer analysis of Israel’s actions reveals their true allies and interests




On Bright Monday – April 9th, 2018, one day after Syrian Christians celebrated Orthodox Pascha (Easter), two Israeli F-15 fighters launched guided missiles from Lebanese airspace.

They struck Syria’s T-4 airbase in Homs province, without warning or just cause. Five out of eight missiles found themselves neutralized.

Three, however, found their mark – the western part of the airbase, as we have already covered.

The attack killed 14 people, including Iranian personnel, and three Syrian officers. Israeli attacks against Syria are certainly not unprecedented, as the Zionist power has launched hundreds of strikes against Syria since 2012.

From a spiritual perspective, the timing was strange, having occurred the day after Orthodox Pascha.

A Dangerous Message

From a political perspective, those whom the Israelis chose to warn, and those who they did not, provides interesting insight. Many nations speak of their “allies”, however, it is times like this when one can clearly see who the allies truly are.

According to NBC news, as we have covered in this article, Israel informed the United States prior to their strike on the Syrian base:

Israel carried out airstrikes against a Syrian air base early Monday morning and informed the U.S. in advance…

Even though Russia and Israel are sometimes described as allies, Tel-Aviv does not treat Moscow like one in practice. It is well known Russian and Syrian troops cooperate.

Russians could have been present at the Syrian base during the attack, yet Israel did not warn Moscow.

Thank God, no Russians were harmed in the making of this war crime, however, that concern was keenly felt in Moscow, as the Independent reports:

Dmitry Peskov, Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, told reporters the surprise strikes were a “cause of concern” given the numbers of Russian servicemen posted to airfields in Syria

In the grand scheme of things, the attack was not catastrophic for Russia or even Syria for that matter. The choice of who was warned, and who was not, however, sends a strong message if analyzed closely.

The Geopolitics of Israel’s Interests

Israel warned Washington – who almost certainly would NOT have personnel on a Syria base. Israel did not warn Russia, however – who very likely could have.

They are essentially making it very clear that they have little respect for Moscow. At the very least, this was an unintended consequence.

When a country does such things, they are signaling who their allies are. They basically told Russia “Your soldiers aren’t important to us”. Perhaps more accurately, they said: “We will strike anytime to defend our interests, regardless of what happens to you, our interests come first”.

That signal may, in fact, be all the more impactful on Russian-Israeli relations than the actual attack. It is downright disrespectful. Respect is crucially important among all living creatures, be it a pack of wolves or a pack of politicians.

Disrespecting an ally is foolish, but never forget one of the oldest rules of Geopolitics:

Nations have no permanent friends or allies, they only have permanent interests. ~ Henry Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston

With that in mind, Israel’s actions and motivations, and allies become all the more clear. Rather than asking who are Israel’s allies are in Syria, it is better to ask what are their interests.

Israel seems to have little interest in humanitarian issues in Syria, considering their war against the Palestinians.

Would Israel prefer ISIS over Assad?

It has already been reported by multiple, reputable, and unrelated sources that Israel has no interest in seeing Syria defeat ISIS/Daesh, but would have rathered had ISIS prevail over Syria, for example:

In January, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon told the Institute for National Security Studies’ (INSS) conference in Tel Aviv that he’d “choose [Daesh]” over Iran in the Syrian conflict because Iran and Iran-backed groups pose more of a threat to Israel. Source: Sputnik.

Israeli intelligence Chief, Major General Herzi Halevy, … explicitly said “Israel” does not want the situation in Syria to end with the defeat of ISIS “,  the Israeli NRG site reported. Source: Al-Masdar News

There is a recurring curse in the Syrian lands. Whenever Syria is on the verge of destroying terrorism, a foreign power attacks her. This often allows the terrorists to regroup or retreat. The terrorists have been on the verge of complete annihilation by the Russian-Syrian forces. They know the only thing that can save them is a foreign – possibly US intervention. This gives them all the motivation they need to create false flag attacks.

They continue to do this now, in Douma, in order to provoke a western intervention.

It is, however, possible, that events of Douma have nothing to do with the Israeli attack, and are merely a coincidence. Never the less, it is looking like their may be a US attack on Syria coming, and as a result, it is possible the Israelis will support and welcome it.

US deploys naval task force to Mediterranean, ready to strike Syria

With that scary fact in mind, it is worth questioning the narrative about the latest chemical attack.

The Elephant in the Room – who benefits if Syria is attacked?

Why would Assad perform a chemical attack on his own people, when he is openly winning the war. He is under constant pressure from nations which look for excuses to attack him, in order to save their losing proxies. Would he give them this excuse?

Why would he create the scenario that would lead to his own downfall, when he is already winning? Don’t understand what I mean? Take a simple look at two maps of Syria, one from 2015 before the Russian intervention, and one from April 11th, 2018.

Left: 2015. Right: 2018. Syrian Government (Assad) forces in Red, ISIS in Black, Kurds in yellow, other rebels and terrorists in green.

On the left, we see Syria in 2015, before Russia intervened, ISIS (black) looked like it was going to conquer both Syria and Iraq. Today, Assad’s Syrian Government has reclaimed much of the country, and ISIS is decimated. Not only that, but the government has recovered and reclaimed its territory.

As a result, it is looking like Syrian President Assad will succeed in returning Syria under government control. Israel does not want this, as stated, they would have even preferred ISIS to control large portions of Syria.

This is NOT because Israel actually loves ISIS, or wants them on their territory. Rather, they know ISIS is not powerful enough to pose a threat to a highly trained military like the IDF. Let’s face it, ISIS is a pathetic, barbaric rabble. If the Syrian army was better equipped, and not weakened by years of fighting, they would have destroyed ISIS alone.

Had Russia deployed her full might against ISIS on the ground (which she is NOT obligated to do), ISIS would have been destroyed even sooner. If America really wanted to destroy ISIS, they could have also accomplished this also. Their military budget is larger than half the world yet Russia still outperformed them in Syria against ISIS.

If (God Forbid) ISIS had captured Damascus, they would remain embattled with other terrorist sects. Like other barbarian hordes in history, they would likely fragment, not knowing how to administrate their lands. In short, an ISIS-controlled Syria would become Somalia, or the Crimean Khanate if you’re feeling historical and neo-Ottoman. It would be very dangerous and violent, but unable to pose a military, or a geopolitical threat to Israeli interests.

The Geopolitical aspect

The Syrian Government, on the other hand, after securing victory, could indeed threaten Israeli interests. This is not to claim Syria or Assad would want to threaten Israel, merely a statement of that capability existing. After winning the deadliest war in our current times, rebuilding would be a long hard road, but with Russian and Chinese help, very possible.

The Syrian military would rearm, and gain Spartan level training, proven on the battlefields of the worst war of this decade, and that kind of training really makes a difference in actual military strength. Syria and Iran would remain aligned, which is a key aspect.

When Syria wins the war, Syria will continue to align her interests with countries like Russia, Iran, and China – with the new Multipolar world. Syria would remember the nations which supported terrorism. That means no Saudi oil pipelines, or American companies cashing in on the lucrative reconstruction.

Moreover, we must consider the broader geopolitical picture; after the US overthrew Saddam Hussein, Iraq is now far closer to Iran than it ever was.

This has created a direct geographical line of alleged nations: Syria, Iraq, and Iran. They stand side by side from the Mediterranean to the Eurasian borders of the former Soviet Union. That would open up fascinating possibilities for a new pipeline from Syria to Russia and/or China.

It would be catastrophic for the Globalist, Zionists, and Anglo-American power structure, not to mention Saudi Oil, but fabulous for the multipolar world.

That may be theoretical, but one thing is certain:

A victorious Syria would be diametrically (and pragmatically) opposed to Israeli interests.

Israeli interests seems to be divide and conquer; they seem convinced that their survival relies on ensuring the nations surround them do not unite, or at the very least, do not unite against them. They even would prefer ISIS survive, then let Assad (which they perceive as being Iran by extension) prevail.

Russia is interested in a strong, united Syria, whereas Israel wants to destroy Iranian influence in Syria, and possibly Balkanize the country.

Israel and Russia have opposite interests in Syria, and therefore, they are effectively not allies. This is why Israel warned the United States, but not Russia about their recent strike on Syria.

One can only pray that peace, and not war will prevail in Syria and the world. To quote from the Book of Psalms, something both Jews and Christians claim to believe in:

Too long have I lived among those who hate peace. When I purposed Peace, they were all for war. ~ Psalm 119/120 6-7


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Putin Keeps Cool and Averts WWIII as Israeli-French Gamble in Syria Backfires Spectacularly

Putin vowed that Russia would take extra precautions to protect its troops in Syria, saying these will be “the steps that everyone will notice.”



Authored by Robert Bridge via The Strategic Culture Foundation:

By initiating an attack on the Syrian province of Latakia, home to the Russia-operated Khmeimim Air Base, Israel, France and the United States certainly understood they were flirting with disaster. Yet they went ahead with the operation anyways.

On the pretext that Iran was preparing to deliver a shipment of weapon production systems to Hezbollah in Lebanon, Israeli F-16s, backed by French missile launches in the Mediterranean, destroyed what is alleged to have been a Syrian Army ammunition depot.

What happened next is already well established: a Russian Il-20 reconnaissance aircraft, which the Israeli fighter jets had reportedly used for cover, was shot down by an S-200 surface-to-air missile system operated by the Syrian Army. Fifteen Russian servicemen perished in the incident, which could have been avoided had Israel provided more than just one-minute warning before the attack. As a result, chaos ensued.

Whether or not there is any truth to the claim that Iran was preparing to deliver weapon-making systems to Hezbollah in Lebanon is practically a moot point based on flawed logic. Conducting an attack against an ammunition depot in Syria – in the vicinity of Russia’s Khmeimim Air Base – to protect Israel doesn’t make much sense when the consequence of such “protective measures” could have been a conflagration on the scale of World War III. That would have been an unacceptable price to achieve such a limited objective, which could have been better accomplished with the assistance of Russia, as opposed to NATO-member France, for example. In any case, there is a so-called “de-confliction system” in place between Israel and Russia designed to prevent exactly this sort of episode from occurring.

And then there is the matter of the timing of the French-Israeli incursion.

Just hours before Israeli jets pounded the suspect Syrian ammunition storehouse, Putin and Turkish President Recep Erdogan were in Sochi hammering out the details on a plan to reduce civilian casualties as Russian and Syrian forces plan to retake Idlib province, the last remaining terrorist stronghold in the country. The plan envisioned the creation of a demilitarized buffer zone between government and rebel forces, with observatory units to enforce the agreement. In other words, it is designed to prevent exactly what Western observers have been fretting about, and that is unnecessary ‘collateral damage.’

So what do France and Israel do after a relative peace is declared, and an effective measure for reducing casualties? The cynically attack Syria, thus exposing those same Syrian civilians to the dangers of military conflict that Western capitals proclaim to be worried about.

Israel moves to ‘damage control’

Although Israel has taken the rare move of acknowledging its involvement in the Syrian attack, even expressing “sorrow” for the loss of Russian life, it insists that Damascus should be held responsible for the tragedy. That is a highly debatable argument.

By virtue of the fact that the French and Israeli forces were teaming up to attack the territory of a sovereign nation, thus forcing Syria to respond in self-defense, it is rather obvious where ultimate blame for the downed Russian plane lies.

“The blame for the downing of the Russian plane and the deaths of its crew members lies squarely on the Israeli side,” Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said. “The actions of the Israeli military were not in keeping with the spirit of the Russian-Israeli partnership, so we reserve the right to respond.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin, meanwhile, took admirable efforts to prevent the blame game from reaching the boiling point, telling reporters that the downing of the Russian aircraft was the result of “a chain of tragic circumstances, because the Israeli plane didn’t shoot down our jet.”

Nevertheless, following this extremely tempered and reserved remark, Putin vowed that Russia would take extra precautions to protect its troops in Syria, saying these will be “the steps that everyone will notice.”

Now there is much consternation in Israel that the IDF will soon find its freedom to conduct operations against targets in Syria greatly impaired. That’s because Russia, having just suffered a ‘friendly-fire’ incident from its own antiquated S-200 system, may now be more open to the idea of providing Syria with the more advanced S-300 air-defense system.

Earlier this year, Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reached an agreement that prevented those advanced defensive weapons from being employed in the Syrian theater. That deal is now in serious jeopardy. In addition to other defensive measures, Russia could effectively create the conditions for a veritable no-fly zone across Western Syria in that it would simply become too risky for foreign aircraft to venture into the zone.

The entire situation, which certainly did not go off as planned, has forced Israel into damage control as they attempt to prevent their Russian counterparts from effectively shutting down Syria’s western border.

On Thursday, Israeli Major-General Amikam Norkin and Brigadier General Erez Maisel, as well as officers of the Intelligence and Operations directorates of the Israeli air force will pay an official visit to Moscow where they are expected to repeat their concerns of “continuous Iranian attempts to transfer strategic weapons to the Hezbollah terror organization and to establish an Iranian military presence in Syria.”

Moscow will certainly be asking their Israeli partners if it is justifiable to subject Russian servicemen to unacceptable levels of danger, up to and including death, in order to defend Israeli interests. It remains to be seen if the two sides can find, through the fog of war, an honest method for bringing an end to the Syria conflict, which would go far at relieving Israel’s concerns of Iranian influence in the region.


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This Man’s Incredible Story Proves Why Due Process Matters In The Kavanaugh Case

Accused of rape by a fellow student, Brian Banks accepted a plea deal and went to prison on his 18th birthday. Years later he was exonerated.

The Duran



Authored by James Miller of The Political Insider:

Somewhere between the creation of the Magna Carta and now, leftists have forgotten why due process matters; and in some cases, such as that of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, they choose to outright ignore the judicial and civil rights put in place by the U.S. Constitution.

In this age of social media justice mobs, the accused are often convicted in the court of (liberal) public opinion long before any substantial evidence emerges to warrant an investigation or trial. This is certainly true for Kavanaugh. His accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, cannot recall the date of the alleged assault and has no supporting witnesses, yet law professors are ready to ruin his entire life and career. Not because they genuinely believe he’s guilty, but because he’s a pro-life Trump nominee for the Supreme Court.

It goes without saying: to “sink Kavanaugh even if” Ford’s allegation is untrue is unethical, unconstitutional, and undemocratic. He has a right to due process, and before liberals sharpen their pitchforks any further they would do well to remember what happened to Brian Banks.

In the summer of 2002, Banks was a highly recruited 16-year-old linebacker at Polytechnic High School in California with plans to play football on a full scholarship to the University of Southern California. However, those plans were destroyed when Banks’s classmate, Wanetta Gibson, claimed that Banks had dragged her into a stairway at their high school and raped her.

Gibson’s claim was false, but it was Banks’s word against hers. Banks had two options: go to trial and risk spending 41 years-to-life in prison, or take a plea deal that included five years in prison, five years probation, and registering as a sex offender. Banks accepted the plea deal under the counsel of his lawyer, who told him that he stood no chance at trial because the all-white jury would “automatically assume” he was guilty because he was a “big, black teenager.”

Gibson and her mother subsequently sued the Long Beach Unified School District and won a $1.5 million settlement. It wasn’t until nearly a decade later, long after Banks’s promising football career had already been tanked, that Gibson admitted she’d fabricated the entire story.

Following Gibson’s confession, Banks was exonerated with the help of the California Innocence Project. Hopeful to get his life back on track, he played for Las Vegas Locomotives of the now-defunct United Football League in 2012 and signed with the Atlanta Falcons in 2013. But while Banks finally received justice, he will never get back the years or the prospective pro football career that Gibson selfishly stole from him.

Banks’ story is timely, and it serves as a powerful warning to anyone too eager to condemn those accused of sexual assault. In fact, a film about Banks’s ordeal, Brian Banks, is set to premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival next week.

Perhaps all the #MeToo Hollywood elites and their liberal friends should attend the screening – and keep Kavanaugh in their minds as they watch.

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New Satellite Images Reveal Aftermath Of Israeli Strikes On Syria; Putin Accepts Offer to Probe Downed Jet

The images reveal the extent of destruction in the port city of Latakia, as well as the aftermath of a prior strike on Damascus International Airport.



Via Zerohedge

An Israeli satellite imaging company has released satellite photographs that reveal the extent of Monday night’s attack on multiple locations inside Syria.

ImageSat International released them as part of an intelligence report on a series of Israeli air strikes which lasted for over an hour and resulted in Syrian missile defense accidentally downing a Russian surveillance plane that had 15 personnel on board.

The images reveal the extent of destruction on one location struck early in attack in the port city of Latakia, as well as the aftermath of a prior strike on Damascus International Airport. On Tuesday Israel owned up to carrying out the attack in a rare admission.

Syrian official SANA news agency reported ten people injured in the attacks carried out of military targets near three major cities in Syria’s north.

The Times of Israel, which first reported the release of the new satellite images, underscores the rarity of Israeli strikes happening that far north and along the coast, dangerously near Russian positions:

The attack near Latakia was especially unusual because the port city is located near a Russian military base, the Khmeimim Air Force base. The base is home to Russian jet planes and an S-400 aerial defense system. According to Arab media reports, Israel has rarely struck that area since the Russians arrived there.

The Russian S-400 system was reportedly active during the attack, but it’s difficult to confirm or assess the extent to which Russian missiles responded during the strikes.

Three of the released satellite images show what’s described as an “ammunition warehouse” that appears to have been completely destroyed.

The IDF has stated their airstrikes targeted a Syrian army facility “from which weapons-manufacturing systems were supposed to be transferred to Iran and Hezbollah.” This statement came after the IDF expressed “sorrow” for the deaths of Russian airmen, but also said responsibility lies with the “Assad regime.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also phoned Russian President Vladimir Putin to express regret over the incident while offering to send his air force chief to Russia with a detailed report — something which Putin agreed to.

According to Russia’s RT News, “Major-General Amikam Norkin will arrive in Moscow on Thursday, and will present the situation report on the incident, including the findings of the IDF inquiry regarding the event and the pre-mission information the Israeli military was so reluctant to share in advance.”

Russia’s Defense Ministry condemned the “provocative actions by Israel as hostile” and said Russia reserves “the right to an adequate response” while Putin has described the downing of the Il-20 recon plane as likely the result of a “chain of tragic accidental circumstances” and downplayed the idea of a deliberate provocation, in contradiction of the initial statement issued by his own defense ministry.

Pro-government Syrians have reportedly expressed frustration this week that Russia hasn’t done more to respond militarily to Israeli aggression; however, it appears Putin may be sidestepping yet another trap as it’s looking increasingly likely that Israel’s aims are precisely geared toward provoking a response in order to allow its western allies to join a broader attack on Damascus that could result in regime change.

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