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US deploys naval task force to Mediterranean, ready to strike Syria

The US is sending forces to the area while the UNSC votes on resolutions regarding the chemical attack, while Trump vows a response within 24 hours

Just after US President Donald Trump expressed his desire to get American forces out of Syria, due to the fact that American forces haven’t accomplished anything useful to America while over there and have just ended up costing a boat load of money and causing lots of death and destruction, he is now sending a naval task force to the Mediterranean to meet up with its destroyer the USS Donald Cook as the US gears up for war in Syria against Assad and his allies.

Over the weekend, the terrorist supportive organization the “white helmets” released supposed footage of a chemical weapons attack in Douma, as Assad’s forces were encircling the area and forcing the rebels out.

Before an investigation was ever conducted, and before the UNSC promulgates a resolution on the matter, US President Trump, together his his UN envoy Nikki Haley, and his military top brass are singing in chorus to the tune of war.

The strike group will carry around 6,500 sailors and will sail with the German Sachsen-class frigate FGS Hessen (F 221) during part of the journey.

It will replace the USS Theodore Roosevelt Strike Group, which has enjoyed a four month long deployment against the Middle East.

The journey could take up to 11 days, as the strike group crosses the Atlantic and sails the Mediterranean.

The arleigh Burke-class USS Donald Cook was docked in the Larnaca port in Cyprus before deploying to the Syrian coast, carrying dozens of Tomahawk cruise missiles.

US President Donald Trump is expected to provide some response within the next 24 hours, meanwhile, the UNSC votes on US and Russian resolutions regard the matter.

However, whatever the UNSC decides, war hawk Nikki Haley is announcing that the US will act with or without the UN’s support in launching a military campaign against Assad, while blaming Russia for allowing the alleged chemical weapons attack to take place, due to their support of Assad’s government.

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