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Hezbollah condemns the ISIS massacre of Egyptian Christians

The Lebanese political party and military organisation Hezbollah, which the US considers a terrorist organisation, has released a statement condemning yesterday’s terrorist atrocities in Egypt which slaughtered scores of Christians on Palm Sunday. ISIS have claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The statement reads,

“The continuous and escalating killings carried out by criminal gangs in the name of religion is one of the greatest catastrophes our Ummah (Islamic world-community) has been witnessing”.

The statement continued,

“This crime is part of a large scheme to displace Christians from the Sinai Peninsula and other areas across Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, paving the way for sectarian and ethnic federalisation in favour of the Zionist entity”.

Hezbollah forms part of the so-called 4+1 coalition fighting Salifist/Wahhabist terrorism. Other members of the coalition include Russia, Iran, Syria and Iraq.

It remains a source of shock for many that the US condemns Hezbollah in spite of its role in the fight against ISIS and al-Qaeda as well as their support of Christians throughout the wider Arab and Islamic world.

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