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The human cost of Donald Trump’s war crime (VIDEO)

Although from a technical point of view America’s criminal attack on Syria did not do a great deal of material damage, this is of no solace to the families of the six men who were killed in the US missile attack.

RT has interviewed Ganea al-Ahmed, the widow of Senior-Lieutenant Firas Hammoud who was killed at Shayrat Airbase during the US attack.

She has told RT,

“When they brought the coffin, I couldn’t stop crying as it is a shame to die at such an age…This is horrible…A mother is raising a son… Then suddenly the US… launches a strike on an airfield, and innocent people, no matter who, be it a general or senior lieutenant Firas, they hit us to kill all of us. And they call it a fight against terrorists”.

(Please turn on youtube subtitles for English on this video). 

A further video from Ruptly shows the damage the attack did to civilian homes near the airbase.

In spite of her palpable sorrow, Ganea al-Ahmed has said that she is glad to see that Shayrat Airbase is once again fully operational.

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