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Fox News’ Gillian Turner cracks UK poisoning hoax wide open with this explanation why Russia did it (Video)

Her answer will shock you.

Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace talked U.S. – Russia relations, with Fox News “analyst” Gillian Turner weighing in on a recent UK poisoning hoax.

Turner, in all her foreign policy brilliance explained exactly why the Kremlin, and specifically President Putin, was guilty certainly of poisoning Sergei Skripal.

When Chris Wallace asked Turner why Russia would do such a thing as poison a washed up spy in the UK, Turner blew the case wide open with her breakdown as to the reason for the Kremlin’s provocative and senseless move to allegedly poison Skripal and his daughter.

Gillian Turner’s answer to Chris Wallace…”Why not.”

These are the people Fox News trots out as “Russian experts”.

What a f**kin joke, and what an embarrassment to journalism, Fox News, and basic human reasoning.

Finally, a Facebook commenter on The Duran’s FB page pointed out this gem of a comment from Turner when analyzing British intelligence on the poisoning hoax…“The Brits confirmed that they believe…”

You have to see it (video below) to believe the immense stupidity in today’s mainstream media…

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