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Fake news creates real reactions? If so, we are in worse shape than ever.

Current Facebook – Cambridge Analytica scandal is utterly fabricated for political points, as nothing illegal or even unethical happened.

Seraphim Hanisch



For the last week, the news headlines have been full of a new “scandal” regarding data mining and targeted ad campaigning based on that data. The parties involved were the Social Media giant Facebook and a group called Cambridge Analytica, a firm that built profiles of about fifty million Facebook users and used them for target political advertising. The scandal has exploded – at least as far as the MSM describes it – and reportedly has driven Mark Zuckerberg “into hiding”, as well as triggered a modest, but substantial drop (8.1%) in share price of Facebook stock, and a great deal of fodder for MSM talk shows to continue along their mission of maligning the election of Donald Trump.

We need to make our claim early in this piece and then explain ourselves.

This is ostensibly in opposition to the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States, and also in opposition to Great Britain’s exit from the European Union.  

Someone forgot to connect Cambridge Analytica to Russia, but this will probably take place this coming week if anyone out there in MSM land reads this piece.

What happened, exactly?

You know those quiz games that get passed around on Facebook from time to time, like “What famous person are you most like?” and other quizzes where you answer a set of questions and then you are likened to someone famous. Then, you are invited to share this quiz game with your friends, along with the results, and so it goes.

Initially, some 270,000 Facebook users were invited to take the quiz, referred to as “thisisyourdigitallife”, and they must have enjoyed it, for they passed it on to friends until some fifty million users had responded to the quiz. What was not known was that this personality data was harvested by Cambridge to create data points that could be used to create highly targeted and (hopefully) effective political advertisements.

Now, Facebook’s developer policies allow data to be gained in precisely the way that CA was doing. This was not a data breach in any way. Facebook does allow developers to create tools of any type to gather user data for research purposes. They even allow this data to be used to create psychological profiles. What appears to have been the crossing point was the way that CA carried the use of this data and its analysis farther still.

The co-founder of Cambridge Analytica, Christopher Wylie, was the person who identified the method of how to use the data gleaned.

I began looking at consumer and demographic data to see what united Lib Dem voters, because apart from bits of Wales and the Shetlands it’s weird, disparate regions. And what I found is there were no strong correlations. There was no signal in the data.

“And then I came across a paper about how personality traits could be a precursor to political behaviour, and it suddenly made sense. Liberalism is correlated with high openness and low conscientiousness, and when you think of Lib Dems they’re absent-minded professors and hippies. They’re the early adopters… they’re highly open to new ideas. And it just clicked all of a sudden.”

The theory further states that if you know and are able to talk to voters who are more responsive to your message, and if you know where they live, you can have significant impacts on an election; you can even prompt such people to vote and / or depress turnout for adversaries.

But, honestly, so what? This is nothing new. Probably every reader understands this strategy. The only difference is that social media became an interactive means of acquiring the data used to form the analysis. Fox News put it this way:

Facebook gathers the data we “willingly” provide, analyzes it and utilizes it for very profitable targeted advertising.  A big part of the problem is that many people don’t realize that they have agreed to have their data used for commercial purposes.

By and large, social media has privacy policies that are either hard to read, hard to find or merely inconvenient for many people who never had concerns about the privacy of their data.

But that data can be used incredibly effectively by advertisers of political campaigns. Facebook “likes” have been analyzed to come up with models used for commercial or political advertising that can be targeted to your personality to manipulate your opinion. 

It is smart, simple and very direct. And while it is a bit sneaky since the purpose of the game was probably not expressed as directly as “We are going to use your answers to form a data profile we will then use to tailor political advertisements,” it also did not compromise personal data of Facebook users such as passwords, credit card and phone numbers or any number of other points personal to Facebook profiles. It used personality data the users themselves gave. That is a different matter entirely.

So why did Facebook stock fall, why is Zuckerberg supposedly hiding and why the outrage?

This is the point of greater concern here. This is a massively successful propaganda and public manipulation campaign, and again,

this is ostensibly in opposition to the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States and also in opposition to Great Britain’s exit from the European Union.

A Google search on “Is Zuckerberg really hiding” taken March 25th at 12:16 UTC (13:16 daylight time in Great Britain) reveals ten big hits with these titles (we also provide the links for further reading)

This is just one piece of the bloodbath. The Tabloidy Talk Show Circuit is also full of this “scandal”, but sometimes someone blows it wide open. But look what happens when this happens. Watch carefully as token conservative Meghann McCain clearly and specifically points out how the Obama campaign used Facebook and other social media for exactly the same purpose and was praised by the major newsmedia for the brilliance of such media marketing to help Obama win his two terms of the Presidency:

This is a HUGE liberal konklave, folks. And even the skeptical Meghann McCain (Senator John McCain’s daughter), as the token conservative on this program is hardly as hard-line conservative on this issue as some of us might be.

But she still provides factual information only to have it shot down by a woman who has an opinion.

This says that opinions matter more than facts. And to listen to the opinionated woman (Sunny Hostin, I believe) go on to try to explain herself, she literally says a whole lot of nothing:

I think it’s different though, because, in MY opinion I think it’s different in the sense that if you’re talking about a political campaign, yes, trying to reach out to voters with your own messaging; what’s happening according to Cambridge Analytica, this scandal, is that people are using um, user’s profiles and feeding them misinformation about our country…

“… So when you’re feeding them misinformation, there’s a misinformation campaign, and when you have news organizations like FOX News, pushing this narrative of a Deep State, pushing the same narrative that Russian bots are pushing on social media, I think that’s very different than a political candidate pushing his own message…”

Hopefully, in listening to McCain’s response we see easily that her response is far more data driven and factual. Mrs. Hostin accomplishes some rather interesting time travel in her jumbled response, which is about as intellectually large as many liberal women ever get anymore, for the Russian bot piece (which is also nothing) came into view within the last few months of 2018, Fox and Rush Limbaugh began discussing the Deep State as such not long after the 2016 election, but Cambridge Analytica was working with data prior to the election of 2016 before either of these other two topics were even being discussed.

Back then the only topic the MSM kept beating was what a reprobate Trump and anyone who liked him was, except for Fox News, and not even that entire network was on board – just a few.

But the millions of American women who watch the View don’t know this, and the soft tyranny of liberalism with coffee mugs and pretty faces (and a token conservative to beat up on) brainwashes our people.

This whole non-story’s story is really a call to personal, fact-driven, critical thought.

Mr. Zuckerberg is feeling the burn, not from any legal or ethical sources, but from the libs who he “betrayed” by letting a group that the Trump campaign employed use his network to help gather campaign targeting data.

That is probably the only reason. The market drop will vanish within days or weeks. That is no problem. Facebook is here to stay and nothing bigger than some yelling and screaming will ensue over the next week or so and then the next in the parade of manufactured scandals against President Trump will be ready for rollout.

But the perceived gullibility of the American people to be pawns of a media that wishes to have control – globalist, culturally Marxist, elitism and political conformity – this is the prospect that concerns some of us. When we stop thinking for ourselves and trust some opinion drivers to do our thinking FOR us – this is never good. Our Republic was founded in this knowledge, and the need for an historically knowledgeable population, and the ability for discursive and critical thought about all things, especially policy, and, more important than anything else, an allegiance and true acknowledgement of the United States as being one nation under God (and not government) is vital.

This will not end by any means, so the fight must continue.

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BARR: No collusion by any Americans

Trump never used his powers to interfere with Mueller, and thus had no “corrupt intent” in the matter.

Alex Christoforou



Attorney General Barr found no one in the Trump campaign colluded with “Russia” to meddle in the 2016 US election.

A devastating blow to Democrats and their mainstream media stenographers.

Trump reacted immediately…

Via RT…

With the full report on special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into claims President Donald Trump colluded with Russia about to be released, Attorney General William Barr is giving a press conference about its findings.

Barr maintains the allegation that the Russian government made efforts to interfere in the election through the Internet Research Agency, an alleged Kremlin-control “troll farm”, as well as “hacking efforts” by the Russian intelligence agency GRU.

The bottom line, Barr says, is that Mueller has found Russia tried to interfere in the election, but “no American” helped it.

Barr explained the White House’s interaction with the Mueller report, whether Trump used executive privilege to block any of its contents from release, as well as on how the Justice Department chose which bits of the 400-page paper to redact.

On the matter of obstruction of justice, Barr said he and his deputy Rod Rosenstein have reviewed Mueller’s evidence and “legal theories”, and found that there is no evidence to show Trump tried to disrupt the investigation.

He said Trump never used his powers to interfere with Mueller, and thus had no “corrupt intent” in the matter.

Most of the redactions in the report were made to protect ongoing investigations and personal information of “peripheral third parties”.

Barr said that no-one outside the Justice Department took part in the redacting process or saw the unredacted version, except for the intelligence community, which was given access to parts of it to protect sources.

Trump did not ask to make any changes to Mueller’s report, Barr said.

Trump’s personal counsel was given access to the redacted report before its release.

A number of Trump-affiliated people, as well as Russian nationals, have been indicted, charged or put on trial by Mueller over the course of the past two years, but none for election-related conspiracy. Still, Democrats in Congress as well as numerous establishment media personalities have been insisting that Barr, a Trump pick for AG office, is somehow “spinning” its findings in order to protect and exonerate Trump, and are calling to see the full report as soon as possible.

They have equally condemned Barr’s decision to hold a news conference before the report is release, claiming he is trying to shape the public perception in Trump’s favor.

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Moscow’s Strategy: To Win Everywhere, Every Time

The main feature of Moscow’s approach is to find areas of common interest with its interlocutor and to favor the creation of trade or knowledge exchange.




Authored by Federico Pieraccini via The Strategic Culture Foundation:

Important events have occurred in the Middle East and North Africa in recent weeks that underline how the overall political reconfiguration of the region is in full swing. The Shia axis continues its diplomatic relations and, following Rouhani’s meeting in Baghdad, it was the turn of Adil Abdul-Mahdi to be received in Tehran by the highest government and religious authorities. Among the many statements released, two in particular reveal the high level of cooperation between the two countries, as well as demonstrating how the Shia axis is in full bloom, carrying significant prospects for the region. Abdul-Mahdi also reiterated that Iraq will not allow itself to be used as a platform from which to attack Iran: “Iraqi soil will not be allowed to be used by foreign troops to launch any attacks against Iran. The plan is to export electricity and gas for other countries in the region.”

Considering that these two countries were mortal enemies during Saddam Hussein’s time, their rapprochement is quite a (geo)political miracle, owing much of its success to Russia’s involvement in the region. The 4+1 coalition (Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria plus Hezbollah) and the anti-terrorism center in Baghdad came about as a result of Russia’s desire to coordinate all the allied parties in a single front. Russia’s military support of Syria, Iraq and Hezbollah (together with China’s economic support) has allowed Iran to begin to transform the region such that the Shia axis can effectively counteract the destabilizing chaos unleashed by the trio of the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

One of the gaps to be filled in the Shia axis lies in Lebanon, which has long experienced an internal conflict between the many religious and political currents in the country. The decision by Washington to recognize the Golan Heights as part of Israel pushed the Lebanese president, Michel Aoun, to make an important symbolic visit to Moscow to meet with President Putin.

Once again, the destabilizing efforts of the Saudis, Israelis and Americans are having the unintended effect of strengthening the Shia axis. It seems that this trio fails to understood how such acts as murdering Khashoggi, using civilian planes to hide behind in order to conduct bombing runs in Syria, recognizing the occupied territories like the Golan Heights – how these produce the opposite effects to the ones desired.

The supply of S-300 systems to Syria after the downing of the Russian reconnaissance plane took place as a result of Tel Aviv failing to think ahead and anticipate how Russia may respond.

What is surprising in Moscow’s actions is the versatility of its diplomacy, from the deployment of the S-300s in Syria, or the bombers in Iran, to the prompt meetings with Netanyahu in Moscow and Mohammad bin Salman at the G20. The ability of the Russian Federation to mediate and be present in almost every conflict on the globe restores to the country the international stature that is indispensable in counterbalancing the belligerence of the United States.

The main feature of Moscow’s approach is to find areas of common interest with its interlocutor and to favor the creation of trade or knowledge exchange. Another military and economic example can be found in a third axis; not the Shia or Saudi-Israeli-US one but the Turkish-Qatari one. In Syria, Erdogan started from positions that were exactly opposite to those of Putin and Assad. But with decisive military action and skilled diplomacy, the creation of the Astana format between Iran, Turkey and Russia made Turkey and Qatar publicly take the defense of Islamist takfiris and criminals in Idlib. Qatar for its part has a two-way connection with Turkey, but it is also in open conflict with the Saudi-Israeli axis, with the prospect of abandoning OPEC within a few weeks. This situation has allowed Moscow to open a series of negotiations with Doha on the topic of LNG, with these two players controlling most of the LNG on the planet. It is evident that also the Turkish-Qatari axis is strongly conditioned by Moscow and by the potential military agreements between Turkey and Russia (sale of S-400) and economic and energy agreements between Moscow and Doha.

America’s actions in the region risks combining the Qatari-Turkish front with the Shia axis, again thanks to Moscow’s skilful diplomatic work. The recent sale of nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia, together with the withdrawal from the JCPOA (the Iranian nuclear agreement), has created concern and bewilderment in the region and among Washington’s allies. The act of recognizing the occupied Golan Heights as belonging to Israel has brought together the Arab world as few events have done in recent times. Added to this, Trump’s open complaints about OPEC’s high pricing of oil has forced Riyadh to start wondering out aloud whether to start selling oil in a currency other than the dollar. This rumination was quickly denied, but it had already been aired. Such a decision would have grave implications for the petrodollar and most of the financial and economic power of the United States.

If the Shia axis, with Russian protection, is strengthened throughout the Middle East, the Saudi-Israel-American triad loses momentum and falls apart, as seen in Libya, with Haftar now one step closer in unifying the country thanks to the support of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, France and Russia, with Fayez al-Sarraj now abandoned by the Italians and Americans awaiting his final defeat.

While the globe continues its multipolar transformation, the delicate balancing role played by Russia in the Middle East and North Africa is emphasized. The Venezuelan foreign minister’s recent visit to Syria shows how the front opposed to US imperialist bullying is not confined to the Middle East, with countries in direct or indirect conflict with Washington gathering together under the same protective Sino-Russian umbrella.

Trump’s “America First” policy, coupled with the conviction of American exceptionalism, is driving international relations towards two poles rather than multipolar ones, pushing China, Russia and all other countries opposed to the US to unite in order to collectively resist US diktats.

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Nigel Farage stuns political elite, as Brexit Party and UKIP surge in polls (Video)

The Duran Quick Take: Episode 144.

Alex Christoforou



The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris take a look at Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party’s stunning rise in the latest UK polls, which show Tory support splintering and collapsing to new lows. Theresa May’s Brexit debacle has all but destroyed the Conservative party, which is now seeing voters turn to UKIP and The Brexit Party.

Corbyn’s Labour Party is not finding much favor from UK voters either, as anger over how Britain’s two main parties conspired to sell out the country to EU globalists, is now being voiced in various polling data ahead of EU Parliament elections.

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Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk:

The Guardian reports Tories Hit by New Defections and Slump in Opinion Polls as Party Divide Widens.

The bitter fallout from Brexit is threatening to break the Tory party apart, as a Europhile former cabinet minister Stephen Dorrell on Sunday announces he is defecting to the independent MPs’ group Change UK, and a new opinion poll shows Conservative support plummeting to a five-year low as anti-EU parties surge.

The latest defections come as a new Opinium poll for the Observer shows a dramatic fall in Tory support in the past two weeks and a surge for anti-EU parties. The Conservatives have fallen by six percentage points to 29% compared to a fortnight ago. It is their worst position since December 2014. Labour is up one point on 36% while Ukip is up two points on 11%.

Even more alarmingly for the Tories, their prospects for the European elections appear dire. Only 17% of those certain to vote said they would choose the Conservatives in the European poll, while 29% would back Labour, and 25% either Ukip (13%) or Nigel Farage’s new Brexit party (12%).

YouGov Poll

A more recent YouGov Poll looks even worse for the Tories

In the YouGov poll, UKIP and BREX total 29%.

Polls Volatile

Eurointellingence has these thoughts on the polls.

We have noted before that classic opinion polls at a time like this are next to useless. But we found an interesting constituency-level poll, by Electoral Calculus, showing for the first time that Labour would get enough constituency MPs to form a minority government with the support of the SNP. This is a shift from previous such exercises, which predicted a continuation of the status quo with the Tories still in command.

This latest poll, too, is subject to our observation of massively intruding volatility. It says that some of the Tory’s most prominent MPs would be at risk, including Amber Rudd and Iain Duncan-Smith. And we agree with the bottom-line analysis of John Curtice, the pollster, who said the abrupt fall in support for Tories is due entirely to their failure to have delivered Brexit on time.

The Tories are facing two electoral tests in May – local elections on May 2 and European elections on May 23. Early polls are show Nigel Farage’s new Brexit party shooting up, taking votes away from the Tories. If European elections were held, we would expect the Brexit party to come ahead of the Tories. Labour is rock-solid in the polls, but Labour unity is at risk as the pro-referendum supporters want Jeremy Corbyn to put the second referendum on the party’s manifesto.

Tory Labour Talks

The Tory/Labour talks on a compromise have stalled, but are set to continue next week with three working groups: on security, on environmental protection, and on workers’ rights. A separate meeting is scheduled between Philip Hammond and John McDonnell, the chancellor and shadow chancellor. The big outstanding issue is the customs union. Theresa May has not yet moved on this one. We noted David Liddington, the effective deputy prime minister, saying that the minimum outcome of the talks would be an agreed and binding decision-making procedure to flush out all options but one in a series of parliamentary votes.

May’s task is to get at least half of her party on board for a compromise. What makes a deal attractive to the Tories is that May would resign soon afterwards, giving enough time for the Tory conference in October to select a successor before possible elections in early 2020.

This relative alignment of interests is why we would not rule out a deal – either on an agreed joint future relationship, or at least on a method to deliver an outcome.

Customs Union

A customs union, depending on how it is structured, would likely be worse than remaining. The UK would have to abide by all the EU rules and regulations without having any say.

Effectively, it will not be delivering Brexit.

Perhaps May’s deal has a resurrection.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

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