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Edward Snowden just announced a new phone app to keep your life private

A new mobile application allows one to make their smartphone into a highly sophisticated anti-intrusion device

Edward Snowden is among the backers of a new Android app that is designed to protect one’s life against intrusion.  The ex-NSA analyst-turned-fugitive has utilized his experience in an effort to protect those who take similar chances as he did.

This app, called “Haven”, was developed and backed jointly by the Freedom of the Press Foundation, the Guardian Project, with assistance from Mr. Snowden.

Edward Snowden’s story is well known and even admired among many for his daring to buck “the system.” He fled the United States in order to reveal the massive amount of internal surveillance the American government was illegally performing on its own citizens.

This app allows its user to configure his or her Android device into a very sensitive surveillance system all of its own, making use of the superb sensory array that is installed as standard hardware in many Android phones.

The idea is that a person can create a way to ensure their own safety.  Target customers include citizen journalists, activists and anyone who considers their personal privacy to be of paramount importance.

The app is open-source and as such it can be developed in any way desired.

iPhone users do not have this app available, at least not yet. The Haven site merely suggests getting an inexpensive Android device and installing Haven on it.

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