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Donald Trump tells the world his cabinet members can ‘express their own thoughts, not mine’

Trump makes it clear that many of his cabinet picks have views that are different to his and that he more or less does not care. He remains happy to let his team speak with their own voices.

In a further blow to naysayers, Donald Trump has issued the following Tweet.

The clear implication is that ultimately he will hear out all views, without imposing a censorship regime, but ultimately his decisions will be his own. So far his views have remained far more consistent than that of many of his predecessors at the same point in their careers. I doubt his mind will be changed anytime soon.

Trump is neither a one-man band nor is he going to be led by the tail. I sense that his leadership style is similar to that of a non-authoritarian orchestral conductor like Rafael Kubelík or Hans Knappertsbusch, someone who is friendly with his musicians and allows them to express their own artistic interpretations during the rehearsal process, but that ultimately it is the maestro’s orchestra and the overall musical portrait will be his.

If there comes a time when someone tries to stop Trump from being the ultimate decision maker, as he himself promised, they will be fired.

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