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BREAKING: Shooting at Great Mills High School in Maryland

School shooting in suburban community is reportedly contained at this time. Live feeds to the network are currently off line.

WUSA channel 9 in Maryland is reporting a shooting at Great Mills High School in St Mary’s County in Maryland. The shooting itself is reported to be contained at this time. At this point the news is incomplete, but it is known that students from Great Mills High School are being relocated to nearby Leonardtown High school for the parents to pick their kids up.

Current reports say that at least four people have been taken to local hospitals for injuries. Currently a text message conversation has provided a bit of information. There is a student at the school reporting that “none of the other students are responding” – but as the school is on lockdown it is possible that they are safe, but just told not to use their phones.

Screen shot of a text message conversation with a student at Great Mills High School during a school shooting May 20, 2018.

According to WUSA, the Maryland State police and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) said they are helping St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s office in the investigation. The ATF special agents said they cannot provide any information about the suspect as of right now.

We will bring you updates as they are made available. As always, we at The Duran send our prayers and hopes for a safe resolution of this incident.

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