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Russia refuses to sever ties with DPRK – Trump goes on Twitter rampage

Russia and China stand firmly behind calls for dialogue.

Originally appeared on RussiaFeed

Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov has shot down the ludicrous demand by the United States, that Russia and the wider world should sever all times with the government of North Korea (DPRK).

Sputnik reports,

“Russia sees no sense in US proposal to suspend relations with North Korea in response to its provocative actions and believes it is necessary to focus on finding a solution to the crisis, according to presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov”.

Peskov further stated,

“To break off ties with North Korea is the easy way out. The question is, how will we reach a settlement?”

Russia and China continue to call for a resumption of multi-party talks with North Korea, something which would be impossible if North Korea became diplomatically isolated from countries with which it traditionally maintains healthy relations (even when strained).

Donald Trump has once again offered a patronising Tweet directed primarily to China but also to Russia, regarding the situation on the Korean peninsula. In the same Tweet, Trump once again referred to the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as “little rocket man”, which will only serve to heighten tensions.

The attitude of the US, as epitomised by Donald Trump and his Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley has been roundly criticised by China and Russia as one that is not conducive to peace.

Earlier today, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov challenged the US to come clean on its real intentions in respect of North Korea, while Russia’s Ambassador to the United Nations questioned Washington’s sincerity over claims it seeks peace in East Asia.

LAVROV TO US: Come clean about desire to destroy North Korea


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