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BREAKING: Palestine suspends all talks with US

It would appear that Palestine now favours Russia as a de-facto global mediator.

Palestine’s Ambassador to Moscow, Hafiz Nofal has issued a statement, saying that his country will no longer engage in talks over peace plans with the United States.

Instead, he insisted that Palestine will look elsewhere for a peace broker in future discussions.

The fact that this statement was issued from Palestine’s Ambassador to Moscow, is an indication that Palestinian leaders may look to Russia as a mediator in from now on.

On Tuesday, Palestinian President Abbas initiated a phone call with Russian President Putin. According to the Russian Presidential press service,

“The sides discussed problems of the Middle East settlement and Vladimir Putin laid bare Russia’s principled position in support of the immediate resumption of direct Palestinian-Israeli talks on all disputable issues, including the status of Jerusalem, in order to reach lasting fair solutions meeting the interests of both sides.

The sides also noted the importance of the agreement between the movements Fatah and Hamas that was signed in Cairo in October, which is geared to consolidate intra-Palestinian unity”.

According to the statement, the Presidents additionally discussed the “current issues of bilateral cooperation in the context of agreements reached during the Russian-Palestinian summit held in Moscow this May”.

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