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You WERE Warned About The Coronavirus Telephone Disease

Sorcha Faal,

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Jane Karlsson
Jane Karlsson
February 29, 2020

This article is by Sorcha Faal, who many suspect of being a CIA disinformation specialist.

Nevertheless, the article is quite interesting.

February 29, 2020

Um, sounds bogus. Linking a flu like viral infection to radiation harmful effects ending with the perfect request for funds. Those Nigerian Princes is a must be looking at this with envy if it works.

Paul Martin
Paul Martin
February 29, 2020

Since this appears to be the “Sorcha Faal” entry on the Duran, this page is probably as good a place as any to add the following, which someone out there happened to realize — that every recent election year has a disease “outbreak.” Even mid-terms were included… Coincidence?

SARS — 2004
AVIAN — 2008
SWINE — 2010
MERS — 2012
EBOLA — 2014
ZIKA — 2016
EBOLA — 2018
CORONA — 2020

Olivia Kroth
March 1, 2020

Thank you for the interesting link and report. Could we get more information about G5 technology, please? I know very little about it.

Olivia Kroth
March 1, 2020

Because I know very little about G5 technology, I looked it up in Wikipedia. This is what the site says about “health concerns”. It looks auite scary: Health concerns See also: Mobile phone radiation and health The development of the technology has elicited a range of responses regarding concerns that 5G radiation could have adverse health effects.[202] An opinion piece published on Scientific American’s online blog section asserts that complete scientific research regarding its effects has not been conducted and that there could be health risks.[203] Another article in the same publication offers outlooks from both sides of the debate,… Read more »

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