WW2 Victory Day tweet by Ukraine President Poroshenko honors UPA Nazi collaborators who murdered over 35,000 Poles in Volyn

Poroshenko Tweet Volyn

Meanwhile…Ukrainian putsch President gave a speech in front of the National Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Kiev, honouring victims and soldiers of the WWII.

Addressing the Ukrainian military, Poroshenko spoke of the “Moscow myth”, which is the delusional belief that Russia would not have won WWII without Ukraine, which is, according to Ukrainian President, cynical towards 6 million Ukrainians who perished in the war.

Of course Poroshenko fails to point out that Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union, which collectively did defeat Hitler’s German war machine…not to mention that without the Communist Soviet Union (in the first place), Ukraine would not even exist as a real country.

To Porky and his nazi colleagues these are just historical road bumps to his US funded Ministry of Truth.

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