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The world’s coolest movie theatre is in Moscow

The world’s coolest movie theatre is in Moscow

In the age of 4K television and 3-D Blue-Ray, the cinema is less novel than it has ever been. But in Moscow, one cinema that opened in 1959 still seems far ahead of its time.

In 1953, Hollywood came up with Cinerama, a film process that used 3 side-by-side projectors to create and larger than life immersive image.

Now to be outdone, the Soviet Union invented something in 1959 called Circular-Kinopanorama (Круговая кинопанорама). The system uses not 3 but 11 35mm film projectors, all synced-up to project a circular/360 degree image that literally envelopes the audience.

Instead of sitting in chairs, the audience can walk around the cinema in order to catch all the action. In spite of down-time starting in 1996, the cinema re-opened in 2006 and continues to welcome audiences to this day.

There is literally nothing like it in the world.

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The Circular-Kinopanorama 

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115035 Moscow, Pyatnitskaya Street, 2/38, p.1.

+ 7 (495) 951-94-20

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