More women are getting pregnant at 50. Are men to be first time fathers at 60?

Are we pushing biology to its absolute limits?
Fox News did a piece on the rising trend of pregnancy over 50 in New York. It’s a trend that will definitely be championed by feminists all the world over, but it all sounds like a risky endeavor for both mother and child.
Fox news reports:

Tracey Kahn is a successful publicist. She is single, lives in a beautiful apartment in Manhattan, has a 2-year-old daughter, and is pregnant with again. She is 51.
“I feel great, and I’m so excited, and so is my family,” Kahn says.
And Kahn is not alone. A growing number of women putting off motherhood until middle age, especially in New York City, where younger women are career driven and put off growing a family.
Between 1997 in 2008 there was a fourfold increase in the number of women born to moms over 50 in the United States.
Kahn’s career kept her on hold until 49, when she had her first child Scarlett through in vitro fertilization. This time around at 51, she used the same procedure with the same donors.
She says she knows what people will say, that she will look old or like a grandmother as her kids age.
“I get criticism but that’s OK, I can handle that,” Kahn says.
She says she is happy and doesn’t worry about what other people think.

So are men staring at fatherhood in our 60’s?

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