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Will Serbia follow the Ukrainian lead?

The massive wave of protests began on the 7th of July, and it is still happening now. The main reason is that people are not satisfied with the political way of the Serbian government and continuing quarantine around the country.

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July 18, 2020

Vucic won a clear victory in the recent elections so that can be put to bed. Vucic has the entire country behind him so these demonstrators are not going to affect him or his government. While in the early stages the demonstrators were against the lock downs, the opposition, paid for by the US and EU, Vuk Jeremic, Dragan Gilas etc jumped in on the act. The first day of the demonstration Vuk Jeremic tried to take control but the demonstrators physically threw him out. Then paid conscripts some as far as Tunisians, an Israeli citizen, Croats from Croatia (not… Read more »

Daniel Martin
Daniel Martin
Reply to  Stj
July 18, 2020

No he did not, people absolutely did not vote for him decisively – according to official government figures somewhere around 50% of the electorate turned out & on that alleged 50% Vucic’s party (SNS) obtained around 60% of the vote there about. If their figures are accurate, they barely managed to gain 25% of the total electorate. But if you know anything about Serbian elections – judging by your comment you do not – elections there are among the most fraudulent in the world, & this most recent election was the most rigged in Serbia’s recent parliamentary history. Those that… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by Daniel Martin
Reply to  Daniel Martin
July 19, 2020

Yes I have heard a few people call Vucic mentally disturbed but mostly they are supporters of the “opposition” which by the way is fully funded by western powers. Cedomir Jovanovic was in Parliament prior to this election not through the electoral process but through the intervention of the US ambassador Kyle Scott. You cant push people to vote and if only 50% bothered then that is all you have to work with. If Vucic was reviled as you claim he would be out of politics today. Then what do you call the US system where even less turn out… Read more »

Olivia Kroth
July 18, 2020

Will Serbia follow Ukrainian lead? No, it will not.

Strange article
Strange article
July 18, 2020

I thought it was Ukraine that followed the Serbian lead when it was balkanized.

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