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Why Land CANNOT be Stolen: Land is WON or LOST

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Dewey Fernfield
August 24, 2020

Another example would be the homeland of the last Chinese Dynasty which were ethnic Manchurians, the Qing Dynasty, most of their homeland, Manchuria, is now known as Primorskiy Kray, Amurskaya Oblast, Yevreyska Avtonomyy Okrug, Sakhalinskaya Oblast and more than half of Khabarovskiy Kray.

August 24, 2020

The west coast natives of Canada are another good example. They lay claim to lands they have never set foot on. Before the settlers came they would occupy small swaths of land, usually close to the ocean or rivers, close to where natural food sources are in abundance. The land is rocky and treed, agriculture was not possible since they had no tools to clear the land or till the land. Nor did they have the wheel to help transport food or themselves over any distance. Food came from hunting and gathering. Regardless they lay claim to lands inland far… Read more »

Reply to  Clarity
August 24, 2020

And that gives foreigners from Europe the right to confiscate the land and genocide the indigenous peoples? Yeah, right.

Reply to  Sean
August 25, 2020

Had they had the technology and they had come to Europe they would have done the same. Read the link I posted about the experience of the sole survivor of The Boston in Nootka Sound. People are the same. Everywhere. The whole human history is one of conquest, enslavement, bloodshed, envy. Even these natives were not spared from that history amongst each other. Still going on today. Btw, the natives are still there. In abundance. Unfortunately too many genocide themselves with alcohol and drugs. That is the reality. Even in areas where they can still live more traditional lives like… Read more »

October 6, 2020

Humans have always migrated for millennia,it has certainly led to war,such has the Goths invading the Roman world ,or the Mongols invading China,and the Turkic tribes of Central Asia making war on the Byzantine empire,it has led to the destruction of even sophisticated cultures such as both the Western and eastern Roman empires,this the history of mankind,the native Americans were never going to isolated from the rest of humanity in perpetuity,in fact their first clash with Europeans came in the form of the vikings,who in their sagas talk of battles with red complexioned people in a far off land,their doom… Read more »

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