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Whistleblower Named In MSM

Last night the New York Post Editorial Board published the name of the alleged Whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella.

They scathingly excoriate Democrats in Congress, calling Adam Schiff a “liar” and glibly point out, “In a sign of how farcical this has become, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) said his name as part of a series of names during a live hearing Wednesday night aired on television. He never called him the whistleblower, just said he was someone Republicans thought should testify, yet Democrats angrily denounced the “outing.” If you don’t know the man’s name, how do you know the man’s name?”

They also correctly credit the initial publication of this man’s name to Paul Sperry in October.

For months, small independent news outlets have been making the exact same points made yesterday by the New York Post Editorial Board, yet when sources like the Duran and others engaged in this discussion,  Big Tech suppressed that speech. If I’m not mistaken, the understanding was that if the alleged Whistleblower is named by members of Congress in public hearings, or his name is published by a mainstream news outlet, then we can all resume the conversation that started months ago.

So, isn’t it time we all started saying it again? E-R-I-C C-I-A-R-A-M-E-L-L-A.

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NY Post Editorial Board Names Eric Ciaramella As Whistleblower

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