What if a male Senator had said it? US Senator Claire McCaskill says men should “just shut the hell up” on issues [Video]

Maybe she is joking around and maybe she is not…but even if it is a joke, if a male Senator had done the same video, all hell would break loose.

Via The Hill…

“It’s not that women don’t value your thoughts, it’s just that we don’t value all of them,” McCaskill tells male viewers. “The world doesn’t need your opinion on everything.”

McCaskill lists a number of issues where “women no longer need to hear men’s opinions on,” including Star Wars, pantsuits, selfies, “Scandal” creator Shonda Rhimes, curtains and carbs.

In an age of “safe spaces”, media oppression, and the resurgence of the right not to be offended, leave it to an American Senator to move the free speech repression amplifier knob to 11.

Finally – after getting significant pushback from social media on her hypocritical comments – McCaskill went full ‘teenage girl’ excuse: “I was just kidding.”

Joking, or not, we can only imagine the fallout if a male senator said the same of women? And just one more thought – what would happen if this ‘joke’ was said aloud on the Mizzou campus?


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November 13, 2015

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