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Western media’s epic fail on Craig Murray and the Russian hacking story

For once there is no doubt as to what has been the biggest story of the last 10 days.

By rights it should have been the Syrian military’s victory in Aleppo, which could prove to be the turning point in the Syrian war.

Nonetheless the Western media has chosen to lead on the CIA’s allegations – now lent weight by no less a person than President Obama himself – that Russia hacked and stole the DNC’s and Podesta’s emails and passed them on to WikiLeaks in order to swing the US Presidential election to Donald Trump.

The Western media has pushed this story relentlessly, and it has been the subject of an almost unending series of headlines and harsh editorial comments.

One might have expected that in such a media frenzy information from the person – Craig Murray – who says that he not only met with the informer who gave the material to WikiLeaks but actually acted as a go-between between this person and WikiLeaks, would be front line news.

To be clear, if the Western media want to take issue with what Craig Murray is saying by either alleging that he has made it all up or that he was fooled by someone who is actually a Russian agent or is himself a Russian agent, then that is up to them.  I would only repeat that Craig Murray is a person of acknowledged integrity and someone who as a former senior diplomat worked closely with the British intelligence services and has had extensive experience of handling classified material, and that he is in fact a stern critic of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

However the Western media has taken a completely different approach: silence.  Though Craig Murray provided his information in interviews to the Guardian and the Daily Mail, the rest of the media, and indeed those same newspapers, has otherwise entirely ignored this story.

There is a point beyond which silence amounts to outright concealment and suppression of the truth.

Amidst all the accompanying media frenzy about Russian propaganda and ‘fake news’ the concealment of Craig Murray’s revelations is perhaps a telling sign of who the true purveyors of ‘fake news’ actually are.

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