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Western hypocrisy is a symptom of western selfishness

Basra, IRAQ: (FILES) -- File picture dated 29 May 2003 shows British Prime Minister Tony Blair addressing troops in Basra, Iraq.Blair announced 10 May 2007 his resignation after a decade in powerr, saying he will stand down at the end of June. He told party suporters in his constituency of Sedgefield that he would step down as Labour leader, and therefore as prime minister on June 27. AFP PHOTO POOL Stefan ROUSSEAU (Photo credit should read STEFAN ROUSSEAU/AFP/Getty Images)

Britain’s recent election makes for an insightful case study of western hypocrisy. Because Britain’s ruling neo-con Conservative party (in reality a neo-liberal party with a misleading name) did not win enough votes to form a government on its own. Instead, it will have to rely on the support of the openly sectarian Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) from Northern Ireland. For the record, I would be equally opposed to a UK government relying on the support of openly sectarian Catholic parties from Northern Ireland.

But mainstream British opinion has reacted to the reality that the Conservative party will only be able to (barely) govern with DUP assistance in a manner that underlines a deep metaphysical crisis in the western psyche.

The Democratic Unionist Party is worrying as it was one of the only parties in the UK Parliament at the time whose entire Parliamentary membership voted in favour of the illegal war on Iraq.

The Democratic Unionist Party also enjoys close links with Zionist organisations who publish the most extreme variety of anti-Palestinian propaganda.

Northern Irish Protestant militants who at various times had associations with the party even smuggled Israeli arms into Britain for mane years.

Failing to learn their lessons, all DUP MPs voted for illegal strikes on Syria in 2015.

It is fair to say that the DUP is among the most pro-war parties in all of the United Kingdom. However, this fact has been totally ignored by the British mainstream media, many of whom are only now bothering to find out who the DUP are, although their homework has been incomplete at best.

The British mainstream media have been focusing on the DUP’s social policy which tends to be on the extreme side of social-conservatism and I speak as a social conservative myself, one who believes that liberal social values are a kind of deeply sick neurosis. But a party which takes a firm sectarian line on religion, seeks to politicise the private medical procedure¬†of abortion and a party founded by a man who believes dancing is sinful, is too much even for me.

However, these issues are local matters that the Northern Irish voters have to contend with. If they want a party that enforces a ‘no dancing’ piece of legislation, they are welcome to it.

The problem is when such a party has a say in foreign policy, something which affects those far from the disputed province of Northern Ireland. But the liberals in Britain simply do not care how much the DUP votes in favour of slaughtering Iraqi and Syrian children. They do not care that they supported creating a jihadist failed state in Libya, they do not care that they believe that Palestinians are ungodly, they simply are worried that the DUP might turn dance halls, homosexual facilities and abortion clinics into Protestant churches, something that is incredibly unlikely.

The DUP is not in a position to implement its extreme Protestant agenda on Great Britain, but in a tight vote on going to yet another illegal war, their members of Parliament could push the vote over the edge in favour of more bombing, more killing, more instability and more illegality.

This is the real worry, but for the British mainstream media, they are focused on issues which will never come to pass and never effect anyone outside of some parts Northern Ireland. The issues that will effect the wider world and as a result cause ore terrorist blow-back in Britain, are totally ignored.

It is this selfish attitude that has doomed the west to failure at home and danger abroad.

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