So you want to tell your Boss to “F*ck Off”?

Moral of the Story: 

Hold your Frame!  Nothing can be more unnerving than an idiot boss telling you what to do.  I’ve actually told a boss to Fuck off before and realised that they actually won because they got the better of me. It’s not worth it.

Below is a good story, via Quora, and an excellent reminder why we should always hold frame.

The question posed on Quora was, “What is it like to tell your boss to fuck off and then quit?”  Jon Mixon came up with the goods to help answer this question titled, “I practice both etiquette and professionalism in workplaces.”

Working men need to read John’s answer and internalise his approach…

Not as great as you would imagine it would be.

Shortly afterward, you realize that you lost your composure and that you allowed a terrible person to make you go to a bad place. You feel like you handled the situation poorly and you may or may not run it through your mind how you could have handled things differently without losing your cool.

Short story: I took a short-term position in Chicago roughly 12 years ago when my side business was going slow. The boss was an idiot (he asked where he could get laid in Chicago) and things went worse from there. After a few months, we got into it and I decided that I’d take my chances on the open market rather than work with that jag off.

I was going to quit at the end of one day but we got into beforehand. I told him not only to go f*ck himself but that I’d better not see him in the streets if he knew what was good for him. I then got in my car and left.

I had left another personal vehicle in the company’s lot (i had clipped another vehicle with it and damaged a side window) and I had roughly $2k worth of personal tools still on the premises. After some lengthy negotiations with the company owners (including a promise on my part that I wouldn’t f*ck up their plant manager) I returned and got my tools and my vehicle.

I’ve never used this company as a reference and they barely have clout within their own industry, meaning that I wasn’t professionally damaged. However, I really wish that I’d just driven my vehicle to their garage, loaded up my tools and equipment and left without saying a word.

While it did feel good to tell a boss to go f*ck himself and then leave, it also made me look like an a*s and I could have potentially got into trouble if someone had beaten up this guy ( i had no plans in the direction) and I didn’t have a solid alibi at the time.

My advice: The best ways to tell a boss to go f*ck themselves are:

  1. Walk off while they are talking to you personally and leave the property
  2. Hang up when they are talking to you and refuse further calls from them
  3. When you leave the company, unless you have to directly contact them for something,don’t and handle all of your affairs through that person’s boss or through Human Resources.
  4. When/if you see the person in public,don’t even acknowledge their presence.
  5. When/if you meet colleagues or friends who know that person,simply change the subject whenever their name comes up.

The message will get back to them that you have no respect for them as a person. And contempt (in my experience) is only slightly edged out by good living as a sign that you are telling someone to go f*ck themselves


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