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Vladimir Putin seeks cooperation with the west against terrorism

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Blind adherence to any ideology is foolish in times of peace and dangerous in times of war and conflict.  It is an inconvenient truth to many in the west, that their governments’ predisposition for dogma rather than pragmatism is costing lives throughout the world, including in Europe.

President Putin recently made a statement acknowledging the issue. He said:

All these restrictions in the economic and political spheres drive apart states, and prevent us from joining forces in combating a common evil – terrorism. Unfortunately, the situation is not entirely in our hands. We hope that recent tragic events, including the attack in Germany, will prompt our partners to work more closely on this issue, which is important to all of us”.

Donald Trump, a pragmatic, albeit flamboyant businessman seems to grasp something that overly educated ideologues cannot. His statements indicate that he grasps the fact that the safety of ordinary people in all countries should always trump the ideological grandstanding of a small clique of elitists in a few corridors of power. The economic sanctions and warmongering rhetoric against Russia has done far more to hurt individuals and businesses in the west than it has done to those in Russia.

Russia, due to her vastness, her abundance of resources and varied regional climates, is far more capable than most countries of economic self-sufficiency. The fact that the entire world outside of the NATO/EU bubble continues to trade happily with Russia, is something that many in the West don’t like to acknowledge because it entails an acknowledgement of the feeble nature of their sanctions regime.

Meanwhile, agricultural producers in Europe are hurting as are other tradesmen. Russians used to buy their goods and far from going hungry, Russians are simply buying products from other countries, including Turkey, however ironic that may seem to some in the aftermath of recent events.

But more importantly, when western liberals paint Russia as a kind of military menace, it prohibits crucial cooperation against the only threat that ordinary people in Europe and America actually worry about; Wahhabist/Salafist  terrorism.

Because Russia has embarked on a cooperative approach to fighting terrorism alongside legitimate governments in the Middle East, Russia’s ability to help Western states combat this barbarity would be highly valuable. Russia continues to make overtures to the west and they continue to fall on deaf ears. The mainstream media meanwhile continues to praise the likes of Angela Merkel rather than acknowledge that her deeply irresponsible ‘come as you are’ policy has allowed sworn terrorists into Europe without any way of vetting such individuals.

Beyond these important facts, the ideological madness of the liberal elite demonstrates a democracy deficit. Were the citizens of European states asked if risking further terrorist attacks was worth proving some vague point to Russia, the overwhelming majority would say ‘NO! People in America recently had a chance to voice such views in a Presidential election where one candidate was vehemently anti-Russia and her opponent was more included towards cooperating with Russia than any major candidate in recent US history.

The elite live in a bubble that is totally detached from reality. To them ideological dogma is all that matters. Real issues and how they impact on real lives are inconsequential.  What’s more is that they’re wealth and their  state  owned security apparatus, allows them to dramatically reduce their own chances of being killed by a terrorist vis-à-vis the ordinary men and women in the street.

The liberal loathing of Russia has made such people so blind that they are manifestly showing contempt for their own people. The longer they refuse to listen, the worse things will become.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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