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Video of Sochi that makes you feel alive

Video of Sochi that makes you feel alive

This three-minute video commercial for a ski resort in Sochi is a brilliant work of the talented Russian director Valeriya Travkina. Beautiful reminder to enjoy life and travel Russia.

Video text:

Fairytales are written by the grown-ups
To lure their children to sleep so they can awake themselves
and ask the silly questions…
Why does the sky fly?
How much sun is there in the world? 
How long does it take to walk to the horizon?
Is there snow on the Moon?
Where do the stars fall?
SB: “Soul searching? Sochi” 
Pinch yourself. Harder! Teleport away.
To forget universal truths, and the days of the week.
To recall what clouds taste like.
To celebrate every morning.
As the mountain is scraped away, the landscapes lighten,
regress to childhood and sing a quiet song.
leave the GPS and phone behind.
SB: “Can anyone explain why I haven’t been here before?”
To feel the voice of the wind seep through your chest.
Your heart echoes – 
It is the rhythm of the mountains.
The Dance of the Universe.
The winding mechanism of orbits, 
metaphors, particles, reflections and goosebumps.
Continents, beacons, horizons, starships, electricity, trampolines,
Constellations, radiance, sounds, whirlwinds, gazes, waves, gravity.
They all reciprocate
When your footsteps spin the Earth like a spinning top.
The Galaxy splashes out of the cup.
How does it work? It’s simple.
You breathe in the mountain air and open your eyes once again. One…Two.. Three..

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