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US withholds $2 million pledge to UN Counterterrorism Office

The US is not interested in countering the threat of terrorism if its precious NGOs can’t be in on it

If Washington backed NGOs can’t participate in counter terrorism deliberations and plans, then the US has no use for the UN Counterterrorism Office under those circumstances, and therefore is withdrawing its pledge of $2 million to the Office’s fund. Non Government Organizations enjoying the backing of Washington DC, including the CIA and the Pentagon, and deep pocketed Wall Street donors, are often active in sowing division, discord, social and cultural manipulation programs, as well as acting as shell or cover programs for destabilization efforts in countries all over the world, often supporting opposition and terrorist forces. Apparently, the US is not interested in countering the threat of terrorism if its precious NGOs can’t be in on it.

Sputnik reports:

Washington has been using the power of financial contribution in a bid to speed up reform of the United Nations, the newspaper Haaretz wrote.

The United States backtracked on a pledge to donate $2 million to the United Nations Counterterrorism Office on Wednesday and downgraded its presence at a conference on the issue, media reports said.

Washington’s move followed a decision by Vladimir Voronkov, the United Nations’ counterterrorism chief and a former Russian diplomat, to prevent NGOs from attending the Office’s inaugural conference, an anonymous US official has told the newspaper.

The official said that “entreaties” by the US and other countries to get US UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and Voronkov to allow NGOs to participate in the conference had “fallen on deaf ears.”
The Russian government has been accused by the West of allegedly suppressing “civil society” groups and discouraging independent institutions.

The US position regarding the UNCO is the latest move by the Trump administration to use its funding power to reform the United Nations.

It comes just a week after Washington pulled out of the UN Human Rights Council, which it accused of having a bias against Israel and a lack of reform.

Two sessions of Thursday’s opening conference to focus on sharing information, expertise and combating foreign fighters will be held behind closed doors to prevent any leak of sensitive information shared by the attending heads of counterterrorism organizations, Haaretz wrote.

On June 18, the 193-member UN General Assembly approved the establishment of a new office to coordinate counter-terrorism efforts in a consensus resolution in a move meant to align the world body with the needs of the international community in the fight against the threat of terrorism.

Just a week prior, the United States withdrew from the United Nations Human Rights Council over alleged bias against Israel, America’s most important foreign policy concern, and a looming report on human right violations in America, both actual and potential, resulting from growing inequality, which is already the highest in the developed world.

Additionally, for the first time in 67 years, the UN Migration Agency will be led by a country other than the United States, with Trump’s imprisonment of refugees policy separating families creating both domestic and international outrage and concern. America, of its own volition, is losing influence on the international playing field both through its overt policies, infantile behaviour, illegal activities, and outright rejection of multilateral agreements and organizations.


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John Vu
John Vu
September 5, 2018

USA is the greatest terrorist, according to MLK and Russia the second.

September 5, 2018

Nothing new here. Washington has a habit of not paying the U.N. That became known the world over when Washington had not paid the U.N. for years after 911. The next day they paid up. That however has never stopped the U.S.Ambassador to the U.N. from from making all sorts of demand on other countries.Talking about Chutzpah!!~!

September 5, 2018

Of course they want to save $ 2 million….
It means that the united snakes will have more money to fund ISIS with.

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