US wants a coup in Venezuela because of its oil reserves, says Abby Martin in recent interview (Video)

Martin discusses how this aspect of US foreign policy under the Trump administration

In a recent episode of Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp, Empire Files host Abby Martin describes America’s desire to overthrow the Venezuelan regime as a part of its desire to get at Venezuela’s massive oil reserves. Martin discusses how this aspect of US foreign policy is not new and continues on, perhaps with a new vigour, under the Trump administration.

RT reports:

The American empire and its media openly talk coup in Venezuela because it sits on vast – and nationalized – oil resources, and this is US expansionism at its finest, The Empire Files host Abby Martin told Lee Camp.
Venezuela’s oil – nationalized by Nicholas Maduro’s socialist government – is key in understanding why the US neoliberal establishment and their media openly talk regime change, Abby Martin, who hosts a show on Venezuelan Telesur, told Lee Camp in an interview edition of Redacted Tonight.

The situation in the Latin American country is now so dire and Maduro is so undemocratic that only a splendid coup might help Venezuela become a democracy again, she said, jokingly citing some of the MSM narratives.

“Here is the bottom line: the US has done enormous damage to Venezuela. Let’s start just with the Trump administration,” Martin, who used to host ‘Breaking the Set’ on RT America said.

“There’s been just a constant threat of regime change and collaboration with the opposition to basically win and seize power through undemocratic means.”
The reason the US is so obsessed with Venezuela is simple, Martin said.

“We know that the American empire is an expansionist force, we know that capitalism is extremely predatory… and it needs to expand.”

Interested in going beyond MSM headlines on Venezuela? Watch the full episode here:

But oil isn’t all there is to it. It doesn’t really matter what the region is, one can cover their eyes and drop their finger on any region of the atlas and not fail to find at least a history of US intervention in the country in some form or fashion. In South America, the idea is to fully eradicate any political resistance on the continent as well as to eradicate any economic resistance to Wall Street’s interests through socialist governments, which maintain control of strategic economic industries which Wall Street desires to own. After all, Wall Street essentially want to own the world, so why leave a pocket of resistance somewhere? If it can’t be toppled through political meddling, it appears that the current strategy is to strangle it to death through economic sanctions.


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September 5, 2018

come on abbey…that is 1960’s liberal talking points….”get out of Vietnam”….. we sell our own oil now….we flood the market

September 5, 2018

How dare those uppity Venezuelans deny the U.S. financial overlords full control of their own backyard!

AM Hants
AM Hants
September 5, 2018

Russia got there first.

tibetan cowboy
tibetan cowboy
September 5, 2018

The Chinese are in Venezuela now, assisting and funding infrastructure construction. Venezuela has issued its own currency, the Petro, to replace the dollar in international business with China. China is buying most of Venezuela’s oil now. I do not think China is using it gold-based Yuan yet for this business in Venezuela. China has a huge vested interest now and is unlikely to accept USA invasions with NGO’s and military. If you’d like to understand how China will defeat the USA in a conventional war over oil, read: “Twilight’s Last Gleaming”. This book describes a similar situation to Venezuela but… Read more »

September 5, 2018

Looking at the world’s largest oil reserves, then we understand some of the real reasons behind US’s “foreign/intel/defense policy”:
1. Venezuela
2. Saudi Arabia
3. Canada
4. Iran
5. Iraq
6. Kuwait
7. United Arab Emirates
8. Russia
9. Libya

September 5, 2018

This aspect under the trump admin. Try this spect full stop. Trump is just the current in a long line of whipping boys and has next to no say in the US’s D*ckish behaviour.

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