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As U.S. Presidential race heats up, the West’s establishment cracks down on dissent

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The current American election is the most important in history, it has already become the most vicious in history, and now it looks as though it is becoming the most violent in history.

In the last twenty-four hours, three global events took place which demonstrate the horrors to come if Hillary Clinton is elected. The events may or may not be proximately related, but they each represent a salvo in Hillary Clinton’s wars.

These are wars which she and her political allies have already declared. In this sense we are living in a kind of ‘night of the long knives’ where she and the faltering establishment she so defends will do anything to stop what they perceive as their adversaries. Here’s what happened:

Cyber War on Julian Assange: Hillary Clinton has promised to wage ‘cyber-war’ against any hackers and whistleblowers who dare to expose her corruption, lies, deceit and dangerous support of groups like ISIS.

Then, outgoing Vice President Joe Biden said that a ‘covert operation’ against Russian computer systems was being prepared. Edward Snowden joked that Mr. Biden ought to read up on the meaning of the word ‘covert’.

Be that as the may, overt or covert, the operation has begun and Julian Assange has been the first casualty in the ‘cyber war’.

Although the Russian state and Wikileaks have nothing to do with each other, Hillary Clinton has already lumped them together and declared cyber-war on both as if they represented some computerised monolith.

After sending out three cryptic tweets Wikileaks confirmed in an unambiguous statement that:

“Julian Assange’s internet link has been intentionally severed by a state party. We have activated the appropriate contingency plans”.

Rumours are also swirling about a plan to either illegally remove Mr. Assange from the Ecuadorian Embassy which has been his home for four years or otherwise have him assassinated in the embassy.

This is the kind of behaviour that for years countries like the US ascribed to ‘third world’ dictatorships. The disappearance of political opponents, murder of opposition figures, show trials and false charges, electronic harassment, total censorship, disregarding of a foreign embassy’s sovereignty; all of it fits the list of charges.

This is now the reality of an America run by an establishment willing to do anything and everything to put Hillary Clinton in Power.

It is third world dictatorship only with trillions of dollars, the biggest military in the world and nuclear weapons.

Firebombing of a regional Trump Headquarters: Shortly before the Tweet from Wikileaks, a Trump campaign headquarters in North Carolina was firebombed.

Mercifully, no one was hurt, but the photos show extensive damage. This is a terrorist attack by any definition.

Once again the mainstream media refuse to call it so. Donald Trump however issued the following statement: “Animals representing Hillary Clinton and Dems in North Carolina just firebombed our office in Orange County because we are winning”, this was shortly after Trump referenced Wikileaks.

There are also growing concerns about Hillary Clinton’s use of drugs.

Donald Trump has stated that he wants himself and Hillary Clinton to undertake a drug test prior to Wednesday’s debate. She has not yet replied.

Throughout history some of the world’s most dangerous people have been drug addicts. It is now well known that Hitler himself and many Nazi fighters took various amphetamines and even cocaine in order to heighten aggression and stave off whatever conscience they may have had left.

Prior to Gaddafi’s assassination, he warned that Islamist terrorists had been plied with drugs. Now it has come out as fact that ISIS fighters, particularly the younger ones, are given copious amounts of drugs to achieve an aggression and lack of conscience akin to that of the Nazis.

With rumours that Hillary Clinton may ask for the final debate to be cancelled spreading on-line because of Trump’s challenge over narcotics, anything now seems possible.

The Murder of Motorola: As I wrote hours after it happened, the brave volunteer fighter for the Donetsk People’s Republic, Arseny Pavlov, better known as Motorola, was murdered in cold blood in a lift in his block of flats.

This has been understood as a full on declaration of war by the fascist forces in Kiev. Donetsk Republic leader Alexander Zakharchenko has responded by confirming that this ends the always shaky peace process and that DPR forces will now hunt fascists wherever they are to be found. In other words, war is back on, perhaps more than ever.

All of this comes on the coattails of a successful BRICS summit, one which challenged the economic, military and political hegemony of the kind of America Hillary Clinton seeks to run.

The Assange internet cut off is likely due to direct state intervention. The perpetrators of the  firebombing of Trump’s regional headquarters remain unknown, though Trump has already associated them with Clinton.

Motorola’s murder was carried out by agents of the Kiev regime, but whether they were greenlighted by the US or not remains an important matter, which ought to be investigated, so far as such an investigation is even possible.

Irrespective of this, war in Donbass and beyond will be used by Hillary Clinton to attack Russia, whether or not Russia decides to finally intervene militarily.

The long knives are out. There have been many victims, both human and conceptual. I fear that the worst is yet to come.


Further long knives have come out: All of RT’s bank accounts in Britain have been shut down. No explanation has been given from NatWest bank nor the UK government. This is just hours after Julian Assange’s internet was cut off. The war on free speech has begun.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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