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Evidence the US media is shifting away from demonizing Vladimir Putin?

Evidence the US media is shifting away from demonizing Vladimir Putin?

It is rare these days to read anything about Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Western press that says anything good. Our news media outlets are rather constant in their determination to paint this man as a thug, a warmonger or some terrifying foe that is out to resurrect the Soviet Union and take over the world.

However, AP published this piece, which shows that the man is indeed a human being.  More surprisingly still, the history detailed here shows Vladimir Putin is not the agent of fear that the mainstream media makes him out to be.

He is a charming and witty man. He is sincere and open in communication with anyone,” another of Putin’s former professors, Dzhenevra Lukovskaya, said. “Speaking globally, I’d say President Putin meets the challenges of the national self-identification of Russia”

“…He’s not there because he’s believes he’s a dictator. No, he believes he’s the man who’s trying to save the country,” [Mikhail] Zygar (a top editor at independent Dozhd TV) said.

AP only expresses mild criticism in this piece, and they do not appear to be trying to maintain the hysterical anti-Putin, anti-Russian narrative.

It would seem that this may be an important development, especially as there have been two “very productive” phone calls between President Trump and President Putin recently.

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Of further note, Putin thanked Donald Trump for the help that the CIA gave the Russian security agency FSB that helped that agency thwart what could have been a terrible terror attack by ISIS militants in St Petersburg, which is President Putin’s home town.

Of still further note is the fact that the CIA assistance was in contravention to the Obama-era sanctions imposed against Russia.

This is likely a developing story as it reflects a very visible change in the long-running, false and frankly dangerous attempts in the MSM to inflict anti-Russian hysteria among American citizenry.

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