US lawmaker calls on RT to register as foreign agent

US Congressman David Cecilline urges RT broadcaster to register as a foreign agent to comply with current US law.

WASHINGTON, September 8 (Sputnik) – The RT broadcaster should register as a foreign agent to comply with current US law, Congressman David Cecilline said during an Atlantic Council event on Friday.

“If RT was registered under Foreign Agents Registration Act, they would still be permitted to operate in the same way they are now. They would simply have to notify their American audience about the true source of information that they are dispersing,”

Cecilline said.

“I believe it’s the requirement of current law.”

Cecilline has earlier introduced a bill called Foreign Agents Modernization Act. The legislation would expand the Justice Department’s authority to investigate potential violations of Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

Under the US legal system, the Department of Justice must have enough evidence to bring charges in a civil or criminal court before they can compel the production of evidence.

The new legislation would give the department the power to compel documents and other materials from

“any person or entity who is a part of an investigation relevant to compliance with FARA,”

Cecilline added.

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