US government must cease using evil Russian Kaspersky anti-virus – Homeland Security

Russophobic hysteria is now beginning to affect privately held Russian companies and their products

WASHINGTON, September 13 (Sputnik) – The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has directed US federal departments and agencies to discontinue use of Kaspersky Lab products within the next 90 days, DHS said in a press release on Wednesday.

“The [DHS] calls on departments and agencies to identify any use or presence of Kaspersky products on their information systems in the next 30 days, to develop detailed plans to remove and discontinue present and future use of the products in the next 60 days, and at 90 days from the date of this directive, unless directed otherwise by DHS based on new information, to begin to implement the agency plans to discontinue use and remove the products from information systems,” the release stated.

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke issued a binding operation directive today directing US federal departments and agencies to remove Kaspersky Lab products from their information systems, the release said.

The security software company Kaspersky Lab, which is headquartered in Russia, has been criticized by US Senator Amy Klobuchar as a security threat to US infrastructure.

Top US electronics retailer Best Buy announced this month that it will stop selling cybersecurity software made by Kaspersky Lab because of fears the company has links to the Russian government.

Kaspersky insists that it is an independent software developer and has strongly denied having any links to the Kremlin. The company has said it considers itself a victim of geopolitical strife between the United States and Russia.

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