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Ukrainian forces caught shelling their own citizens (VIDEO)

The war in Donbass can no longer be called a civil war.

The Donbass republics have not merely declared symbolic independence of the fascist junta in Kiev. The Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics functionally operate as independent states. They are rapidly ending all remaining economic ties with Ukraine and a recent Presidential decree by President Putin affords citizens of the Donbass republics with virtually all the rights of citizens of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) members.

But there is an actual civil war going on in Ukraine. It is not over territory but over political influence. The fascist regime in Kiev is currently engaged in a wide array of battles with non-governmental ultra-fascist organisations, Right Sector being a notable one.

As Petro Poroshenko’s power continues to wane and the poor economy now on the verge of total collapse, many are suspecting that elements even more radical than those who led the 2014 coup against Viktor Yanukovych, may stage a so-called ‘Maidan 2.0’.

The civil war has thus far seen fascist radicals threaten to block transit of goods and people from Russia into their borders, burn down branches of Sberbank in their own cities and blockade the transit of essential coal from Donetsk into their own regions.

Now though, video has emerged of forces loyal to Kiev, shelling housing in areas under their own control. They are literally firing upon their own citizens.

The video, which shows angry locals expressing their hatred of the fascist regime, has become an example of propaganda backfiring on Kiev.

Kiev is eager to show those who still support the regime that they are ‘bravely’ fighting a war in Donbass. Instead, the reality which emerges again and again is that the fascist forces are firing indiscriminately on civilians, even those within their own territory.

This war of aggression could be stopped if the western powers that helped bring the regime to power would pull the plug. Thus far they remain unwilling to do so. Because of this, the war of aggression against Donbass and the simultaneous civil war gripping Ukraine, continues without abatement.

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