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U.S. May Impose Sanctions Against Turkey Over S-400 “Threat” To F-35

Authored by Al Masdar News:

Turkish officials have repeatedly insisted that Ankara’s purchase of the advanced Russian air defense system poses no threat whatsoever to the NATO alliance. Last month, the Turkish defense ministry announced that delivery of S-400s to Turkey would begin in October 2019.

The United States continues to consider the S-400 air defense system a threat to its F-35 fifth generation stealth fighter platform, and may impose sanctions against Ankara, Turkey’s Anadolu news agency has reported, citing a high-ranking source in Washington.

“I can’t say for certain whether sanctions will be imposed on Ankara over the S-400 contract, but the possibility is there. The US administration is not optimistic about this issue,” the source said.

While admitting that Turkey was a sovereign state and therefore had the right to make decisions on whom it buys its weapons from, the source stressed that from the perspective of these weapons’ integration with NATO systems, the S-400 was “problematic.”

The source also characterized the deployment of S-400s in areas where US F-35 fifth-generation stealth fighters are set to fly as “a threat,” without elaborating.

Emphasizing that negotiations between Washington and Ankara on the issue were “continuing,” the source said that there were also “positive tendencies” in negotiations between the two countries on the procurement of the Patriot system, Washington’s closest analogue to the S-400 in terms of capabilities.

Designed to stop enemy aircraft, cruise and ballistic missiles at ranges of up to 400 km and altitudes of up to 30 km, the S-400 is currently the most advanced mobile air defense system in Russia’s arsenal. Russia and India signed a ruble-denominated contract on the delivery of five regiments of S-400s worth $5 billion late last month.

Last week, the Saudi Ambassador to Russia said that talks on the sale of the system to his country were ongoing. In addition to Russia, S-400s are presently operated by Belarus and China, with Beijing expecting another delivery of S-400s by 2020.

Washington has already slapped China with sanctions over its purchase of S-400s and Su-35 combat aircraft in September. India, however, has voiced confidence that it would not be hit with similar restrictions, which the US Treasury has pursued under the 2017 Counter America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA).

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Shaun Ramewe
Shaun Ramewe
November 15, 2018

Trust neither of them – they are both still sneakily abetting sicko remorphed terrorists while being illegal-invading resource-thieving civilian-murdering war criminals.

G George
G George
November 15, 2018

Who the hell is the USA to sanction anyone for not buying their shit products. If these countries would stop using the dollar the US would collapse and no one would have to worry about sanctions ever again.

John Nolan
John Nolan
November 15, 2018

Poor little diddums, she is not getting her own way. Global citizens are realising she is a lying, power crazed bitch, whose greatest industry is war, weapons of mass destruction, and her products are, generally, obsolete, over priced junk! Like all petulant, spoilt brats, Amazia needs to be sent to her room, to sulk, until she gets over her bad tempered spats, and grows up! Amazia is being exposed, to the world, as a criminal war exporter, a greedy, psychotic nation of mass murderers, controlled by demon possessed un-humans, who are now leading this world into Armageddon! Possibly it is… Read more »

November 16, 2018

The US doesn’t seem to realize the idea that the US disapproves of something is no longer is significant.

Jim Hogue
Jim Hogue
November 19, 2018

I thought the F-35 was a threat to itself and a boon to the MIC. And Sanders is pimping for it btw. How can fail. Ha!

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