U.S. Ambassador to Russia, and regime change specialist, John Tefft visits Nemtsov memorial. Forgets to bring ‘Vicky Nuland’ cookies

U.S. Ambassador to Russia, and self described color revolution specialist, John Tefft visited the place where Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov was killed on Friday evening, as reported by Interfax.

Tefft approached the place where Nemtsov was killed and laid flowers. Speaking to journalists, Tefft said his embassy colleagues and he had decided to come there to show their respect for Boris Nemtsov.

He pointed out that U.S. President Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, and other policymakers had condemned the opposition leader’s killing and also expressed their respect for him.

Via Fort Russ blog…

tefft fb

Algis Mikulskis:

A week ago John Tefft said the following:

“In my opinion, particularly such respected gentlemen as Navalny and Nemtsov can be really useful to us in establishing a new civil society in Russia. And in the very near future” – Ivan Zhuravsky

Why do American Ambassadors and high ranking Washington officials always show up at these types of tragedies?


US  Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and the US ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt at the Maidan, about one year ago today, handing out cookies and bread, right before riots erupted into chaos. Coincidence?


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Junius Lamema
Junius Lamema
March 2, 2015

One respectable gent was all right. The other did his best to dodge the bullet. Smart ass, aint he?

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