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Turkey’s Erdogan calls on Jordan to play bigger role in Palestine

Turkey’s Erdogan calls on Jordan to play bigger role in Palestine

MOSCOW,  (Sputnik) – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday called on the Muslims of the world to show solidarity in issues related to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, stressing the importance of Jordan being involved in the protection of the city’s holy sites.

“I want to note the importance we put on the role of Jordan in the protection of the holy places in Jerusalem … We don’t want to experience the same abuse, violation of rights and attacks … So, the Muslim world should be in solidarity on Jerusalem,” Erdogan said ahead of his visit to Amman, as quoted by the Anadolu news agency.

The recent tensions in Jerusalem escalated in mid-July, after the strengthening of security measures at the Temple Mount, the third most important holy site in Islam, which is under Jordan’s custodianship. The steps led to violent clashes in Jerusalem and the West Bank and have been widely criticized by Muslim countries. In order to reduce tensions, Israel has since eased the security measures.

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Monday marks the beginning of the visit of the Erdogan-led Turkish delegation to Jordan dedicated to the 70th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two states.

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And…. Mecca and Medina, Mr Erdogan?
Or are we really feeling a little anti-Jewish and not very pro-Muslim holy sites at all?


Jordan not Sow-di Arabia? Right to much pig in Sow-di Arabia.

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