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Trump To Minneapolis: Drop Dead

Steve Turley explains that even after the Progressive city and state government in Minnesota not only allowed but encouraged  rioting and looting, they still had the  brazenness to beg Donald Trump for disaster relief in the aftermath of the destruction.   Trump bluntly  informed the Minnesota government that IT is the disaster and that no disaster funding should be expected  from his administration any time soon.

In the 1970s in another Democrat ruined city, New York, New York, Mayor Abe Beame likewise begged  President Gerald Ford for a bailout,  who more politely but equally pointedly declined the request.  To which the New York Daily News penned the infamous headline, ‘Ford to City: Drop Dead’.

New York’s heyday, as indeed the heyday of all great American cities, was in the 19th century in the period of its most corrupt politician, Boss Tweed.  In that era the political class did no more than take bribes.  The political class was largely merely a nuisance – an additional but manageable cost of doing business.  Only much later in the 19th century did Progressives get the idea they could take over  political rule and rework it into a force for good.  The cumulative result of that reworking has been the ruination of America’s once magnificent cities.  St. Louis, Newark,  Baltimore, New York were each once enchanting wondrous marvelous places to live. A century of Progressive control has destroyed St Louis, Newark, and Baltimore and looks like it will soon destroy even New York City.

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July 14, 2020

Good article but I will question and critique, as I often have, some of the terminology. Why call the rioters, dems and their supporters ‘progressive’. They have progressed nothing. Historically the dems have done more to distrupt and hinder any progression, especially amongst minorities. They even sought to intervene on a questionably communist autocracy (Russia 1920) by backing a number of imperial powers. Their political motives aren’t progressive, just more of the same imperialist rot they decry, gussied up to appeal to the naive fools who want to be a hero. Even if you agree with the man or not,… Read more »

John Ellis
Reply to  cudwieser
July 14, 2020

All is fair in love and Revolution, for to call out those who loot and riot,
surely this is to bestow upon them great bravery and honor.

John Ellis
July 14, 2020

The damage done to Minneapolis during the George Floyd protests was done only to private property, virtually all was reimbursed by private insurance and the total damage was less then the yearly salary for 5 killer-cops.

On the other hand, the good that was accomplished by Minneapolis police being abolished in real dollars would exceed $100 trillion.

John Ellis
July 14, 2020

As the more educated and mostly white upper-half of society hoards all the land, wealth and 98% of guns, surely it is they who failed to properly protect the well being and morals of Minneapolis prior to the protests, surely they are the root cause of it all.

Reply to  John Ellis
July 14, 2020

If the mostly white and ‘educated’ are ‘hoarding’ guns, how is it that blacks and Mestizos commit increasing numbers of homicides, home invasions and violent robberies? Those Americans not in the upper .01% do not hoard the land. You have such a simpleton, Marxist, tunnel vision view of reality.

Last edited 9 months ago by Glocken-spiel
John Ellis
Reply to  Glocken-spiel
July 15, 2020

I see, less than 1% of blacks having the prosperity needed to spend hundreds on a gun, they are the root cause for your upper-half of society hoarding all the land, wealth and healthcare.

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