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Handshakegate: Trump did shake Merkel’s hand, yet media goes berserk (VIDEO)

Handshakegate: Trump did shake Merkel’s hand, yet media goes berserk (VIDEO)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s recent meeting with Donald Trump in Washington doesn’t appear to have been highly productive.

Though publicly cordial, Merkel staked out a position against Trump during his campaign on virtually every big issue he ran on: immigration, trade, and foreign policy.

Merkel now faces one of two choices: either try to walk back and stay onboard with the new Trump White House, or try to lead Europe alone in continued pursuit of the globalist agenda.

That agenda includes continuing fruitless and self-destructive economic sanctions on Russia and continued military and political confrontation.

German and European business as a whole has taken big losses ever since the EU joined the US sanctions war against Moscow.

European business leaders are not happy, and the discontent had finally begun to reach the politicians. Two of the three major candidates in next month’s presidential elections in France – both Le Pen and Fillon – support repairing relations with Moscow.

But as far as the fake news mainstream media is concerned, the only story here is Trump supposedly not shaking Merkel’s hand – something he did multiple times.

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