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Trump Is Back Under Bolton’s Thumb

Authored by Paul Craig Roberts…

President Trump might be his own man, but not when it comes to John Bolton and Israel.  Trump is their man and is again being manipulated into starting a fisticuffs with Iran.

Someone in Washington, most likely Ziocon warmonger Bolton, got the UK to commit an act of piracy on the high seas and seize an Iranian oil tanker, Grace 1, on the grounds that Iran intended to deliver the oil to Syria in violation of US sanctions.

Iran’s leader, Khamenei, denounced Washington’s British stooge for “maritime banditry” and said there would be consequences.  Today there were. Iran detained two British tankers.

This is what Bolton and Netanyahu wanted.  They used it to wind up Trump’s fulminations against Iran. The trouble that the idiot British started with Iran is no concern of ours, but Trump’s threats are nevertheless issuing at a rapid pace.

The British call Iran’s response to their banditry “an escalation” that requires “further protection for merchant vessels . . . to ensure enhanced security to guarantee free flow of trade in the region.”  Of course, the British did not think their act of banditry caused a need for “enhanced security to guarantee free flow of trade in the region.”  It is quite alright for Britain to seize ships but not for Iran.

The British Foreign Secretary offered Iran the release of Grace 1 if Iran guaranteed it would not breach Washington’s sanctions on Syria by delivering oil.  Washington’s sanctions, of course, are totally illegal and devoid of any basis in international law, as is the British enforcement of Washington’s illegal sanctions.  One wonders why Russia doesn’t stop this escalation by taking over the delivery of oil supplies to Syria.  

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July 22, 2019

I would really like to know, when Britain agreed to US sanctions on Iran?

Rule the Waves in a Rowboat
Rule the Waves in a Rowboat
Reply to  padre
July 24, 2019

I would really like to know when Britain decided to fully embrace its existential denial of lapdog status to the US.

July 22, 2019

The U.K. was used for harassing Iran, so it will be the U.K. who gets retaliated against. Had the US done it themselves, it could have been considered an act of war by Iran and triggered a war the US cannot fight without committing economic suicide.

Jack Garbo
Jack Garbo
July 23, 2019

PCR is senile or naive. Both Trump and Bolton are under the same thumb. Trump doesn’t choose his staff, though he can seemingly fire them at will (a charade of presidential power?). Trump’s a puppy on a leash, occasionally let loose to pee in the garden, then tugged back to his masters’ path. His incoherent tweets, interspersed with intelligible comments show there are two “RealTrumps”, one for his redneck racist morons and one for the press and others. Stop this nonsense that he actually makes decisions and does anything. He’s just another POTUS Puppet.

Las Vegas Troll Farm
Las Vegas Troll Farm
Reply to  Jack Garbo
July 24, 2019

Sheldon Adelson and his malevolent little troll farm hard at work pulling the strings on a Las Vegas show extravaganza.

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