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Media goes berserk over Trump’s ‘sh*thole’ comment

As usual, the media bias tries to make hay out of words, and not focus on content of President’s reaction

US President Trump created a DC media firestorm on Thursday, when he reportedly questioned the policy of the United States regarding bring people in from war-torn and very poor Third World nations, with very strong, and profane language.

“Why are we having all these people from s***hole countries come here?” the president reportedly barked during an Oval Office sitdown meeting that was attended by several members of Congress. Two people, unnamed, but claiming familiarity with the matter, reported this to the Washington Post.

It’s not like he hasn’t had precedent:

The claim alleges that the President was angry because someone in the meeting proposed protections for immigrants to the USA from Haiti, El Salvador and some African countries that are suffering from wars or natural disasters as part of a larger immigration deal.  Later in the talk the President reportedly opined that the USA should receive immigrants from places like Norway.

Naturally, the reaction from the Left and from the Media, as well as from some Republicans was swift and almost totally condemning.  One Democrat, Representative Kathleen Rice of Long Island simply tweeted:

The New York Daily News ties this incident to earlier alleged incidents where he is said to have exploded with racist comments during another Oval Office meeting last year, telling advisers that all Haitians have AIDS and that Nigerians should not be allowed into the USA because then they will never “go back to their huts.”

However, on Friday, President Trump himself rejected reports that he said these things in the meeting, though he did admit to using “tough language” at the meeting:

The range of comments in response to the President’s own tweet ranged across the spectrum, as could be expected.  But interestingly enough the people who expressed their anger at the president often used far fouler language, in fact, far too nasty to be reprinted here.

What is also evident in the responses is that the supportive base he has is unfazed.  Some of them said even if he DID use such language – why not?  And a wise note was made about the reporting of goings on in a meeting that was not open to the press:

While the press makes hay about whether or not President Trump swore in a closed-door meeting, the real issue remains the outcome of the DACA deal that the congressional representatives and the President are trying to make.  And in this, it appears that the solution has not been reached yet, though another report here, does claim some progress was made.  Hopefully the outcome of the deal and corresponding legislation will give needed results to the United States, as the nation tries to reform its current mess of immigration policies. It is likely that this very unique kind of storm is just an attempt to distract one’s focus from the goal.

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