Transgender boy wins the Texas girls’ wrestling title for second time.

17 year-old transgender boy, was named the top female wrestler in Texas.

Mac Biggs, a 17 year-old transgender boy, was named the top female wrestler in the 110-pound weight class for the state of Texas.

Biggs has been undergoing HRT as part of his transitioning process.

His testosterone surge gives him a massive advantage over girls, as he “manhandles” opponents with ease. Several female wrestlers have forfeited their matches rather than compete with Biggs.

One opponent’s father filed a lawsuit to convince the authorities to allow Biggs to wrestle boys.

According to the Washington Post, crowds have booed Biggs as he competed. During his semifinal match, a coach asked, “If you really want to be a boy, why don’t you wrestle the boys?”

Author and commentator Mark Steyn weighed in on a Biggs winning the girls’ state wrestling title for a second time.

Via The AP

For the second consecutive year, the transgender wrestler won the Texas 6A Class 6A 110 pounds.

Mac Biggs, an 18-year-old senior from Ulysses Trinity High School near Dallas, entered the tournament in cypress outside Houston with an undefeated record. He defeated Chelsea Sanchez – who won the title in 2017 – in the final on Saturday.

The online video featured a mix of cheers and monsters from the crowd after the Beigs win.

Biggs is moving from female to male and taking a low dose of testosterone.

His steroid treatments were during girls’ wrestling, which sparked a heated debate about competitive justice and the rights of transgender people last season. He has been calmer since last year when his career at the State Championships was blocked by a last-minute lawsuit that I tried to prevent.

Biggs asked to wrestle with the division of boys, but the rules of Texas public high schools require athletes to compete under the sex on their birth certificate.

Biggs said on sports day at Dallas Morning News “I definitely felt it was different.” “I felt more humility, this year I wanted to prove a point that anyone can do anything, although I put in this position, although I did not want to put in this position, although I wanted to Wrestling men, I still have to girls.

“But what can I say to people?” I can tell the state legislature to change the policy, but I can not tell them to change it now. All I can hope is to come to [senses] and realize that this is stupid. With others in my position. ”

Biggs entered the state championship with a 32-0 record, beating three wrestlers on his way to the championship.

Biggs’ mother, Angela McNeill, said: “He has a lot of respect for all the girls who are wrestling.” “People think Mac has been hit on the girls … girls wrestle with, they are tough … has more to do with skill and discipline than force.

McKenna will not make Biggs available for interviews before meeting the state. Solitude allowed him to focus on the task in the future and may protect him from attacks on social media and occasional insults from the stands – or even other wrestling mats – during meetings.

Biggs Road to the tournament last season included two designers in the regional championship by wrestlers who were afraid of injury. Biggs only faced one confiscation this season. The coach and his opposing colleagues insisted that the girl was wrestling with Biggs, but she refused, McNaugh said.

The Biggs family has repeatedly said he wants boys to wrestle. The birth certificate was approved in 2016 by the University of Intercellastic Lego, the governing body of the Texas Sports Secondary School. Jimmy Harrison, deputy director of the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, said it was done to help schools identify competition.

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