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Traditional Russian drink that will refresh you in the hottest day

Traditional Russian drink that will refresh you in the hottest day

Kvas is the number one traditional Russian/Ukrainian drink.

Oh boy, do Russians love their kvas!

From the “Encyclopedia of Food”:

“After water, the most widespread beverage was Kvas … we even think that people drink it more often than water…”

Kvas is a fermented drink made of rye or bread and it contains malt, just like beer. But, unlike beer, it has very low levels of alcohol, which is why in summer you will see Russian kids consuming it in huge amounts.

Everybody in your family will love kvas – guaranteed!

Here is a recipe for Russian kvas:


5 liters or 5.28 quarts, or 21 cups warm water
10 tbsp Kvas concentrate (See Picture – found in Russian/European stores)
1 3/4 cup sugar
1/2 tbsp active dry yeast
10 raisins
1/2 loaf of rye bread, cut into 1″ squares and toasted


1. Pour warm water into an extra large bowl or bucket.

2. Add Kvas concentrate and sugar, stir until dissolved.

3. Add yeast and stir until it dissolves.

4. Add raisins.

5. Add chopped toasted bread.

6. Cover with a breathable cotton cloth. Secure cloth with a rubber band or string.

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7. Let Kvas sit in a warm place (about 85 °F) to ferment for 18-20 hours.

8. After 18-20 hours, remove raisins and bread from Kvas.

9. Strain Kvas through multiple layers of a cheese cloth and pour into juice bottles that can be sealed tightly.

10. Fill juice bottles 3/4 full to allow room to expand. While Kvas is still warm, you want to put the lids on loosely. Once it cools in the refrigerator, tighten the lid.

11. Enjoy! 🙂

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